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But agenda peddlers, trollers etc wont like this. They enjoy the other theory that SSR was removed by some big forces.

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And exactly what "Truth" you are referring to!!!! for example)
1) Its a suicide and no murder conspiracy theory
2) Rhea is innocent !!!!
3) This Lady is saying 100% truth - no foul play there
4) Mumbai Police is doing its job truthfully!!
5) No link between Disha and this case !!
6)Abatement to suicide (FIR)!!
and many more...

Just wanted to be clear when you said Truth is out....so just curious what truth (in whole or in parts) you are referring to!!!!

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Ok...so only point (truth - as per you) you are referring to is Point One(1) then....Suicide(Reason- Mental Illness)....

For Rest of the points - you are also not sure/Investigation is On..Fair enough...
which means Rhea could be culprit , Mumbai Police is covering up/hiding something,there could be a link between Disha and this Case...and FIR (may be Valid)....and this could be other way also......

So the TRUTH is not completely Out (As Investigation is still going on ) and it may not be a SHUT Case (as there could be culprits!!!) ......


Nobody seen him hanging except pittani, who rans away after being questioned.... The man who cremated also ran away.. If it were an open and shut case, Mumbai wouldn't have dragged it for 40 days+ without an FIR. There's is more to this for sure.


@abbie For one it's a suicide. Be it Mumbai police or Bihar police have not considered it as murder. They're investigating as suicide & the further angle is abetment of suicide i.e. was he pressurised to commit suicide. If yes then the severity of it. Because the punishment ranges from only fine to several years of jail and when it comes to abetment of suicide nobody gets long term jail so easily unless it's proven to be thier own influence. Circumstantial evidences aren't enough because in mental illness you can't prove who triggered. It cannot be Rhea alone, in these cases every single person including his own family members (father, sister) or closes of friends or even random person could be the cause & doesn't mean you point your finger at only his partner. If being a partner is a crime then even worse. Because so called useless Indians have made this racial too by targetting Bengali women on the whole to be money minded & hot headed dominator.

It's the mindset to link everything to this case. A bipolar disorder loses his close aid, an ex-manager, could be a trigger too. But no the ex-manager's character should be assassinated too for one's own amusement. Her pregnancy was not highlighted anywhere, her boyfriend who was present at the time of her death has not revealed any conspiracy neither her family. Out of nowhere Sooraj's name gets forcefully inserted for a narrative which is dropped the moment Ssr family spoke up. Orders get thrown in to the media dogs to not pursue this narrative, they move on, focusing on Rhea-Bhatts-Thackeray. The losers with no other work still peddle hatred tweets on Bollywood camps & old narrative which the vested party has already dropped.

Investigation is being done whether Mumbai or Bihar is for suicide only & in addition to prove if anybody provoked him to commit suicide. Not murder. It'll never be a murder case. Sit back & wait for the proceedings. Social media rants won't change the facts. First of all SSR was not in the top league for anybody to murder him for the spot, industry doesn't work that way. Neither is life is so filmy that Disha angle be used as a plot. It's life, don't try to fit in a filmy plot.


Suhas..for me its simple...I know how these news/media/social media works.....
I just wanted to say as long as there are culprits for any reason!!!(not targeting Rhea specifically...) ...its never or should be a Shut case.....

For me sometimes its sad that as per Indian laws max imprisonment is 16 years (murder) and at the same time I say that US laws are so fucked up...that even for abetment of suicide...u can be behind bars for 40-50 years!!!!

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How does this prove anything?... Many people suffer from Bipolar. In the west, this is a common thing. This has nothing to do with the way he died....

The fact that Barkha enters d picture is self explanatory that something is being hidden, something is very wrong somewhere. Remember, the post mortem was done at 11:00pm which itself is illegal.

I feel the Truth is not out yet... This is done to save Rhea's gang..... Just when Ankita said he can't be depressed, just when Sushant's depression theory was being ruled out,this person comes out. This therapist should be investigated Thoroughly.
This person also Should be booked for breaking client's confidentiality...

And look at this therapist, The way She gave clean chit to Rhea.... lol.
Why is she then running away from Bihar police?.....
Rhea has hired one of top India's lawyers here in the matter of few hours lol....

Same rhea who demanded CBI investigation now asked Court to transfer the case back to Mumbai from Patna.... WTF....

If Sush was bipolar then let her face the cops. Let Mumbai do fair investigation. Why so much cover up?. Why was there No FIR?.... Why MH Govt So reluctant?..

I'm done with this case now.... May truth prevail.

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@mumbo jumbo I made this post didn't I? As I am the owner of this post, I need to take the ownership & ensure both the parties arguments are presented properly. Not in one liners.

I am not stopping others in presenting their views. The counter I am presenting is only asking them to look at the case from other angles too & not just media created one. Because we have no relation to the one who died & the ones who are being accused. Not just the least but the actual thing to do is be rational & ensure this gets a free trial. Not blindly attack.

Bihar elections are around, there is clear agenda why this is being highlighted by every damn tv news channels. If Ind-China border issue had escalated then they would have used it instead. How they're left with only this. Wake up & smell the agenda is all what I have to say.


Don't teach me law when Sush parents informed major cop that there is threat on him in Feb this year.....

In any high profile or normal death.. First u investigate, seal the area, do forensics immediately and conclude if it's a suicide/Abetment of suicide or Murder... Sandeep singh who claims to see the body also said on a debate that he can't commit suicide.... So based on his words, they could have filed and FIR....

Especially when it's mysterious and when his ex-manager was also found dead just a few days before..

Here cops in 20 min declared it as suicide due to depression .... Made crime scene wonderla. The house servant handled the body lol.. He even sat on front seat and went..... Is this a joke?. Laptop/mobile was also not seized.
They didn't even wait for the reports before calling it as suicide..
The post-mortem was done after 6pm(illegal) on Same day without the consent of any family member.
They took him to the hospital which was 7km away (Same hospital every bollywood's death)
All these was handled by unknown like Ssandeep singh.

Same evening Mental health theory started... Bollywood spiced it up(The ones who hated Sushanth).

Without any FIR, Without investigating people who are close by, without even checking financial angle..... These cops went ahead questioning people based on Social media's outrage lol. That kangana further came and diverted it..... Therefore this cops acc to kangana called out masand and mahesh bhatt..... Note: Nobody's statement including the guy who found him hanging statement is there on record....

My theory is simple:

I feel cops are being pressurized from MH Govt( Esp Bandra's MLA Mr. Siddiqui and co).... They just want to divert this case and close it.... CBI here can expose dirtiest bollywood secrets including money laundering....

Therefore bollywood is very silent.. This is more than Depression, More than Bipolar. This death is interlinked with other deaths.... I strongly feel.. Rhea is just a pawn and later she will be made a scapegoat(I'm damn sure).....

Now I noticed the sisters are also seeking for justice and asking PMO.... We must support the family not the media/bollywood/mh govt or bihar......

Whatever it is, A fair neutral Investigation like CBI/SIT/NIA should enter.. When they start exposing don't tell me that is also an agenda..... Then nobody can be trusted here.

P.S: Whatever mumbai police has done..... Nothing is there on record or writing..... It's all done verbally.. Lapse or cover up we don't know yet.... After few days they will say it was deleted accidentally..
Even if Sush death is a suicide, The cops will be drilled by CBI(They will enter for sure).


@Kashyap123 simple question. What do you think Mumbai police did when they got so many celebrities as well as people who spent time with Sushant before his suicide? That is called investigation right? Without registering the case police doesn't have any rights to interrogate anyone right? So for your question, they did register a case, FIR happens only if someone came up to get it lodged.

Simply informing a major cop, for anybody to register a suo moto case, a motive should be there or an iota of doubt. Is there any sense to that allegation now? From Feb to June what were the family doing if they weren't sure about their own blood's security?

Your theory suggest he was included in criminal activity such as money laundering, this fear led to him committing suicide. Sushant committing suicide in the end is the fact. Nobody murdered. The investigation should only happen if somebody abetted him to commit suicide. That is all there is to the case.

Dude, "Note: Nobody's statement including the guy who found him hanging statement is there on record", this is not how it works. Don't go by fake news. They have been strictly ordered to run this news to take advantage in Bihar elections. Even the worse sold out police will have to present some recorded statement from the people who were present when the police arrived at SSr's place till his body is moved to the hospital. Don't believe if someone says no statement is recorded. Even if they were to hide evidence, in order to do that, they've to present the statement.

Whatever it is, viscera report is the beginning of this investigation as well as if it goes to court. The viscera report said there is no foul play. Sit back & see, how it actually unfolds. LoL Baba Siddique, a congress guy, common sense will show why his name is dragged.

You stick to your theory. I'll stick to mine. I'll continue to laugh at anybody remotely saying justice for Sushant when literally not a single soul outside his partner/family cared if he lived or died. These fake support aren't gonna change the fact & aren't short of Kangana's cheap stint.



I never said sush was indulged in money laundering... If rhea is involved and it's proved.. Then others could be exposed(if any).. Rhea's account is already probed by ED. And When ED steps in they connect everything and investigate everyone ..... I hope u know the role of ED... They are different from fake bandra cops. CBI with ED can be more brutal.

About informing a major cop that what sapp is everywhere now read it.. There is nothing as "Simply" in the law. Even orally saying has to be registered.
Adding to this, They didn't simply inform a major cop.... His brother Senior IPS officer texted the Commissioner.... In today's world a what sapp message also should be taken seriously ... Esp with a celebrity. It's an official complaint in fact..

I mean same cops went after rhea's insta abusers. Same cops took patani's email........ lol. That patani's email is also accessed by Rhea's lawyer and attached to the court. Police in the past based on tweets arrested many people.

In Bandra, All these big celebs, media, sports etc like a family. It's a no investigation zone. Cops are influenced/ pressurized etc. In this case, bandra cops for me are co-accused. And Nobody can be a judge in it's own case...

I agree with you about that media. I don't believe or go by media... I'm on this since day one... The same evening when he was declared as suicide(before post-mortem) without calling it as mysterious death.. I didn't feel right. Further, media started saying depression and they kept assassinating his character. And now with the way they are behaving with Bihar ips etc... The trust and the credibility is questioned.

So One CBI investigation will not harm anyone if they are clean.. It's about people's trust on bollywood. This media circus also will end It's not the question of cops.. It's about conflict of interest and they way they have botched it up.. It's now in front of everyone. We don't want this to become another aarushi or a sunanda.

Some core beliefs can't be changed especially after looking at your adamance. However, saying nobody cared when he was alive or now when he is dead is little harsh. Looks like you really hated him.... Or is it because of the social media outrage? The reality is, It's due to janta, it has got so much coverage.. You can't deny that.. They kept forcing ishkaran(subramany's aid) and finally he took this. Had it been someone like Sooraj etc. Yes nobody would care....

P.S. As you have made up your mind, I don't think you will change your mind even if CBI agrees with the foul play angle .It's called denialism. So let's not debate further...

For me, If CBI gives everyone clean chit and rules out any foul play. Take my apologies in advance. Ultimately, I want my bollywood's image to be restored and bring back the truth. Nobody will dare to question the industry. Be it Kangana, arnub or anyone... I'm fighting this only for the truth and for that A fair investigation is what I hope... Then whatever the outcome is I'll accept it and move on.

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when will this media circus end

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When and if a vaccine comes, cases go down, people find some work to do.

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