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16 Years of Megastar Salman Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Akshay Kumar starrer David Dhawan's Hit Mujhse Shaadi Karogi.

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Yeah Salman was the reason Govinda was removed from Judwaa.


@Sanal Come on. He asked to exchange the scripts. Didn't got Govinda removed. Govinda clearly said Salman requested him to not start filming for Judwaa that he would want to get on board. Why twist the words? Every established superstar works that way when he has a good relationship with the other actors as well as production house. Even Sajid Nadiadwala wanted to cast Salman whom he considered lucky after Jeet had become a super hit. The facts are there for everyone to see.

Now some idiots on social media are twisting this. Will they say Shah Rukh Khan got Ajay Devgn & Govinda kicked out of Karan Arjun? No right, despite Srk convincing Ajay to quit the film. After Govinda joined the cast + reportedly Salman's family miffed over SRK's generalised comment over body builders are not actors, Srk begged Rakesh Roshan to sign him back in Karan Arjun to resolve the misunderstanding with Khan-daan. Again a fact. Don't go by what people are twisting the facts now a days. They even said Sushant Singh Rajput was the choice for Bharat. Atul Agnihotri brought the remake rights for An Ode to My Father along with The Outlaws (Radhe). Why would SSR name be even remotely associated here? Among the new actors, only Sidharth Malhotra got the offer for Race 3 which he rejected & Varun Dhawan's cameo in Bharat was deleted. The entire chapter from Bharat didn't make it to the final cut.


Oh I recently saw a video where Govinda said that Salman liked the script and he said to David ke ye film mujhe de do something like that. Yeah, maybe I'm too much into social media nowadays lol


@Sanal this was as it is reported earlier. Only now during the lockdown the so called trolls are coming up with memes twisting the facts and youtubers for views peddling fake stuff.

Even with Srk & Gauri's business partner pics. They were there in the social media for too long, nobody cared. Now they wanted to attack Srk so made the same viral with agenda filled narrative.

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I saw this on the big screen. Me and my family went for it in the night show. My sisters just couldn't tolerate Akshay...maximum cheering was for Salman. Jeene ke hai chaar din and that towel dance was a rage and how.

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16 years of iconic towel dance

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Very good comedy movie. All 3 were good. Still watch it whenever airs on TV. Music was superb, all the songs especially Laal Dupatta

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