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Randeep Hooda is known for his intense and versatile roles in Bollywood, and beyond. He has always managed to make us fall in love with his characters – be it a kidnapper in 2014 film Highway or a fashion and wildlife photographer in Murder 3. He might not be your regular Bollywood hero who stars in a movie often, but he never fails to impress us with his nuanced performances whenever he does.

He might not be your regular Bollywood hero who stars in a movie often, but he never fails to impress us with his nuanced performances whenever he does.

“The reason why you like me is because I put in a lot of work in every film and that takes time,” he says, on being complimented for his performances.

“I don’t like to repeat myself and every character is a new world for myself and for the audience I try and create. And that is my joy,” he added in a conversation with YourStory Founder and CEO Shradha Sharma.

People often try to idolise the notables from the field to become versions of them. Randeep however always strives to be his true self.

Randeep who had taught in Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), often asks his students about the kind of actor they want to be.

“People used to come up with everything – from Robert De Niro and Jack Nicholson to Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan. Some of the students follow me and ask what actor I want to be. I tell them that I’ve always only wanted to be Randeep Hooda,” says the actor, adding that this has given him an identity too.

The actor, however, says that he has been choosy when it comes to movies.
“I have been a bit choosy about things because unless it touches my heart, it is never gonna touch anybody else’s,” he says.

He further adds that he wants to do movies with international themes that are not just subjective to India but can be appreciated by global audiences.

“Those kind of projects, however, are not easy to come by for someone like me who is not really a mingler, especially within the film fraternity. I just want to be better at what I do and that only comes from the choices made from the heart. And those choices are not very many.”

For his dedication to environmental causes, the United Nations Environmental Programme appointed him as the ambassador for Conservation of Migratory Species in February.

“I do my own thing and I feel very privileged that my work is appreciated. There is so much love and respect I get for it. I try and give the best to my work. That reduces my volume of work and also keeps me hungry for the next rent check so that I don’t get complacent,” says the actor.

“The worst things in life teach you the best things. I think I am a better person now. I imbibe a lot of Sikhism and there’s a sense of seva, and gratitude in me,” he adds, signing off.

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You wrote Srk & Salman i read two mighty superstars of bollywood.
One can realise by seeing fans outside Mannat on 2nd November & Galaxy Apartment on 27 December respectively.

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Sandeep your antics on the forum also indicate you don't value your own time. But then, we tolerate it right?


I don't have problem with those fanatics Suhas. Those people around make us feel why people like SRK and Salman are different from us. All you said about visiting a Mall and for trailer launch is acceptable. It can be justified. But, standing outside their homes as it they will come and take a pic with each of you is just out of my mind. Thats what makes me think that how little those people value their own existence.


But why don't people stand in front of aamir's house?? Probably ppl don't even know where he lives..so sad


@Sandeep that is what loyalty is among fandom. Fans on every Sunday gather outside Jannat to get a glimpse of Big B. It's a ritual. Every Sunday, Big B will come out & greet the fans, wave at them.

NTR Sr house was on the way to Tirupati. Buses had mandatory stop infront of his house so that people can gather outside his house to worship him. He & his house was considered that holy.

Critiquing this aside, you need to see what formed this bond & how strong it is. It's in the human nature to find solace is another person. This is what you see in followers of Modi. Mocking them as bh-kts aside, this clearly shows how much they trust him. Just giving an example.

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Only frustrated/out of work actors have an issue with the Kahns etc. SSR himself was an extremely mediocre actor. That he is no more has naturally brought out the hypocrisy in people these days.

He tried copying SRK in Dil bechara too and failed miserably. SRK and Salman don't come along everyday. Deal with it. That's why they are legends

by Mega Star (226k points)

don't run away scared Sandeep. Let's discuss this hypocrisy today. I would love to hear what you gotta say.


No no @Intense I better stay away from it:o


intense bhaiya ko quarantine me troll hone ka naya shauk chadha hai (f)


Quarantine? Kaunsa quarantine bhai? Lockdown kehte hain use. Opinion hai mera. Ab 2-3 ranbir fan hain india men unhe pasand naa aaye to kya karun main? :D

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Salman Khan is a individual actor .He doesn't copy anybody.He is not a bit of Dilip Kumar,Dev Anand,Raj Kapoor nor Rajesh Khanna or Amitabh.

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Thoughts came to my mind....one by one

First....Randeep can say that cz he as an actor looked better in Sultan than Salman Khan in whatever screen space he got

Second thought.....but Salman was better than Randeep in drunken scene of Kick

Third thought.......even Amitabh was blamed of copying Dilip Kumar....SRK was blamed of copying Dilip and Amitabh.......SRK himself said that one whole scene of Darr was a copy of Nana Patekar................BUT, HE DID IT IN HIS OWN WAY

This philosophical thought of ''be yourself'' has some meaning to it if an aspiring actor does not realize that there is a difference in copying and making it yours rather than 'just copying'.......Michael Jackson to Shakespeare to Great Imran Khan to Wasim Akram to Shah Rukh Khan.....everybody tried to copy a senior or wanted to become that senior......and we call that copying ''inspired by''

So there is nothing wrong in copying an actor smartly like Shahid Kapoor did in Jab We Met, or you can be foolish and copy too much like he did in Kismet Konnection.......and see today....Shahid Kapoor is undoubtedly one of the best Star/Actors ever produced in India

Field you want to work in can never inspire you as much as a person can, unless you want to become an astronaut.........you need to see that in somebody else to dream for.....and then you see your inspirational personality too much.....watching his films again and again......and then you become that personality even unintentionally......son acts like his father not just because of genes but also because he saw his father as an inspiration, A HERO...same happens with an actor or wrestler or boxer or director.....you just want to be like your inspiration....so there is nothing wrong in wanting to become somebody else, but losing your ownself is not a cost one should pay

by Assistant Director (41.3k points)

You had to mention that mediocre scene from Kick huh. Anyways Randeep tried really hard, that is one scene from the whole movie that struck out for Randeep. And it was no challenging scene for Salman either. It is in Sultan where they both shine. Also Kick was where Randeep did it casually & Salman had specific moments to shine as an actor while rest all were blurred by his screen presence or what they scream "swag". A dedicated Salman who is enjoying his character is always a treat, otherwise we get Race 3 or Main Aur Mrs Khanna. You get an entirely disinterested Salman or a dedicated one who is not happy playing the role.

Srk was compared that way only initially & then when he did Devdas. Madhavan was praised like anything down south but the moment he acted in RHTDM the critics ripped him apart as SRk copycat. He acted the same as his Tamil films & we didn't feel that way. Similarly Shahid Kapoor till 2006 was blamed to be Srk copy cat. It is to do more with individual preference.

I believe you need to grow as an actor to find your own place. Not every actor gets to have his own space & leave a mark. For instance Hrithik, the very first film he was welcomed like anything. Touted as fantastic actor. Only after years, his initial performance were started to be reviewed properly otherwise it was only MPKDH which was criticised rest all mostly were praised. When the acting improved actually then they could notice the difference.

But here what Randeep Hooda was more than mere acting. They want to be the next Srk or Salman without preparation. You can't be them ever & definitely can't be successful apeing them. That sort for stardom takes decades to build. Having inspiration is one thing, but being focused matters. "Mein ek din Shah Rukh Khan jaisa bada star banunga" is an understandable line but the one saying wouldn't know how to be one. Infact they are yet to see the reality. In the end you gotta to be you & achieve your own place up there. Reason why there is only one Salman Khan, only one Amitabh Bachchan, only one Rajinikanth.


that drinking scene was a surprise for me back then watching Randeep acting with difficulty when every actor of Bollywood is supposed to be doing a drunken scene every now and then....so that only came to mind from Kick

To be SRK, yes it is almost impossible......but your inspiration can be anyone....and to have best one as your inspiration is always good if you have a plan of action and dedication...as Sehwag once said, I came to become Sachin and failed, but in the process I became Sehwag

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