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Dil Bechara which was a film made for the theatres but was released on digital has seen a huge response. The film hit the nation on Friday and saw a record response as far as digital content in concerned in India in terms of initial response. The streaming platforms do not give numbers but the response here is said to far higher than anything seen on the Hotstar platform before in terms of viewers



The numbers would be interesting as to see how far it is ahead of the other content but only the streaming company would have these. Hotstar is the biggest streaming giant in India if we go by viewers so if Dil Bechara is the tops on Hotstar it can be said with certainty its higher than the best on the other platforms as well. In all likelhood its a record breaking response for OTT in India.



The two main reasons for these results would be one the death of Sushant Singh Rajput a month or so back and he is the main lead of the film. Naturally a death in such a scenario makes the public see a film in a different light and it also the last time they are going to see the actor which adds an audience.  Also the film was free on Hotstar so you did not have to subscribe but could watch if you download the app and this would have given it a far wider reach and a bit like television. The response here is at a totally different level to Gulabo Sitabo which also premiered on digital a month or so back. It will be multi fold higher in terms of numbers..



It has to be also noted though if these highly media rated OTT series which are actually crap like Sacred Games, Paatal Lok, Mirzapur, Inside Edge etc were made free they would struggle to find an audience as the wider audience does not care for this type of content and never will. There will be many in the industry which will not agree but put these on television which has a wider reach and the results will be for all to see as there will be disaster ratings. Here with Dil Bechara an audience has been found in big numbers on digital which is a first for original Indian content.
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I wonder if it would've been a success if released in theaters..cause I don't think ppl would spend their hard earned money for this film.

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they would because he was a common man from bihar and people can actually connect to that


Then why didn't ppl connect to him in raabta?? The audience mainly connect to the film..and this kind of rom com wouldn't be successful.


dude he died and not many people knew about his story then
but eveyone knows it now so dil bechara would have been a success either way


Released in theatres? Bro if Hotstar decided to make this film only for subscribers, then no one would have paid 399/year for it. They would have waited for Telegram to watch it.

And it's IMDb rating is a joke. I respect him as an actor, but the public has gone overboard with this film!

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And this lukkha site boi said it has disaster content before release some days ago. Tuccha site for a reason.

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it is Highest rated Indian movie of all time on IMDB , 9.8 IMDB
Trips Anand as the number 1 rated Indian movie of all time in one day

Alread into IMDB 250 with 135 position currently
If it goes like this it might come into top 25 movies of IMDB

On digital already highest watched movie in a single day

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I wonder how many people would have watched this film in the theatres if the situation was normal. The same set of people would have ripped the film apart.

Also, BOI should stop criticising the web series. They have a different set of audience and shouldn't be compared with films releasing in theatres. As there is no proof of the success of these OTT series, there is also no proof of how big a flop it is as the number of people watching the show is never released. So they really should stop calling it "Crap".

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Boi is run by a bunch of front bench people. They enjoy stuff like hf4 and baaghi 3.


They see business. What makes business is appreciated. Simple


I agree that business is more important. But films releasing in the theatres and OTT shows are not related to each other at all!

Besides, these OTT platforms have a lot of money to splurge on their web series. Amazon is running in losses still producing these web series. They are anyway meant to cater to the metro city audiences. They don't have to comment on these shows every time.

I can't believe at one point in time I considered them as an Indian version of Box Office Mojo.


Well thats the only point of being critical about them as they brings losses. This is not acceptable and then they hold these success party clearly when there is no success to party about.
Makers really have to change the way they make such series. They have to reduce the use of vulgarity in order to give a so called realistic touch. Untill, or unless your product doesn't make sense to many its useless.

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only radhe can beat this record now even without bihar as bhai has lost all fans there

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Zibda ko puchta koi nahi magr maray huye kostar bna detay hain kaise behiss log hain hum

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If ssr was alive, this movie would be ripped apart. Its a mediocre movie with a pathetic performance from ssr. The actress and the music were the redeeming factors though.

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