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The film is Pointless . There are few terminally ill characters who act silly , joke around and suffer . But why should we like a movie about dying people having fun in their last days .I found the optimism of manny in the initial scenes , like he is being forced . There is also a guy who is excited at the prospect of his impending blindness , and he doesnt seem to lose his enthusiasm when he actually goes blind ...1.5/5 .

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Its a decent one time watch. Music is great. The new girl Sanjana is definitely a find in my opinion. Sushant was a very very limited actor and its proven yet again. He struggles with all the emotional scenes and his dialogue delivery is very weak.

Rating: 2/5.

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Just hated the original after I watched it hearing all the hype around it but honestly didn't dislike this one.. Though I don't even like this one much, still found it a bit decent, might be with the sympathy or sentiment hang over about Sushant's demise.. Performance wise he was good and Sanjana was real good.. Apart from that nothing to rave about and once again a very overrated script considering the hype n buzz around the novel.. Felt everything was cliched most parts and would have been even a disaster if it had a theatrical release and Sushant was alive..

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I liked the movie. It was short and sweet. Sushant was good as usual and Sanjana had a terrific debut. The climax was very emotional considering we knew that he was no more already. Music is fine, direction is good too. Watch it for Sushant. 3/5.

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just like when our favourite sportsman plays his last match we dont critique their performance on that day rather celebrate their career and this is exactly what the film is about to celebrate his career
but knowing this forum everybody would be out here hating this kid just because their favourite actor is someone else

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normally there is an anouncement of retirement before a sportsman retires and that particular sportsman is expected to be little nervous or emotional ,so no judgements on his last performance and also sports is spontaneous , not as well thought and planned as a art form like cinema , so if a film turned out to be not so good , there is nothing wrong in saying so , even if its last film of someone associated with the film . Death is compulsary , nowadays very common , many people are dying around me ..so nobody is above criticism in art.

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