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Rajesh Khanna (The First Superstar of Indian Cinema) Each 5 Years Box Office Performance Since Debut.

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1966 - 1970 (First 5 Years Since Debut)
1. Aradhana - Blockbuster
2. Do Raaste - Blockbuster
3. Sachha Jhutha - Blockbuster
4. Aan Milo Sajna - Blockbuster
5. Safar - Hit
6. Doli - Hit
7. Ittefaq - Hit

1971 - 1975 (Second 5 Years Since Debut)
1. Haathi Mere Saathi - Blockbuster 
2. Daag A Poem of Love - Blockbuster
3. Dushman - Blockbuster
4. Kati Patang - Super-Hit
5. Prem Kahani - Super-Hit
6. Aap ki Kasam - Super-Hit
7. Apna Desh - Hit
8. Anand - Hit
9. Roti - Hit
10. Raja Rani - Hit
11. Namak Haraam - Hit
12. Maryada - Hit 

1976 - 1980 (Third 5 Years Since Debut)
1. Amardeep - Hit 

1981 - 1985 (Fourth 5 Years Since Debut)
1. Avtaar - Blockbuster
2. Souten - Super-Hit
3. Thodisi Bewafaii - Hit
4. Maqsad - Hit

1986 - 1990 (Fifth 5 Years Since Debut)
1. Swarg - Hit


I haven't included post-Swarg as there were no major movies or a memorable ones. His last movie was Riyasat (2014) released posthumously and was a FLOP. However, his legacy will remain untouched, specially for what he achieved during the period 1969-1974 and Always be remembered as the "First Superstar of Indian Cinema". He was the first actor to have shown to the public what real "Stardom" is otherwise nowadays, many are labelled as "Superstars" whereas they're merely Stars. Despite having legends like Dilip Kumar, Dev Anand, Rajendra Kumar (known as "Jubilee Kumar"), Dharmendra, and Raj Kapoor, no one got the tag of "Superstar". That shows how Rajesh Khanna truly defined the word "Superstar" with his unparallelled and unmatchable work.

Source Link: Rajesh Khanna Amitabh Bachchan Filmography Trade Guide / Rajesh Khanna's filmography (Wikipedia) / Hits of Rajesh Khanaa 1969 to 1974 which was considered His Golden Period.
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It's not that there was no superstar before but ' superstar' word was first coined for Kaka.
Just as he was not called a 'megastar' then, you can not say Salman Khan is the first megastar as the word became popular with him.
KL Saigal was the first superstar and Dilip Kumar, the first megastar.

by Producer (113k points)

Srk fans apne z grade star ko abhitk promote kar rahe idhar


lol comparing someone who has worldwide recognition with salman , a bhojpuri level star whom no one knows outside india hahaha


It might sound awkward, but that's the truth. There was no "real" Superstar. I Wonder why, but somehow, he truly defined that word, which is now being misused for any successful star who gave 5/10 Hits. However, few really correspond to that criteria. Now, of course, since everyone is aware of these words, we may Apply it to yesteryears actors. But if we go historically, everyone before Rajesh Khanna were stars (without any disrespect to legends). Rajendra Kumar I find was a huge star during the mid 60s to late 60s before this storm hits the nation. The media started using words "Megastar" during the early 2010s for Amitabh Bachchan, SRK (once) during Chennai Express's release and then for Salman Khan after his 5 back-to-back Blockbusters during 10-12. Fans then, through social media, whenever each of their stars get consecutive successes, they tag it with Megastar whereas if we check the reality, they all might not fit the exact criteria of "Megastar".

In the real world, people now are going to remember more the likes of Ranveer Singh or Varun Dhawan and consider them as Superstars while even Huge stars like Rajendra Kumar are nowhere to be found. That's sad


A MEGASTAR who is yet to deliver a HGOAT since the commencement of his Megastardom. Well that hits me....

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Uper Aka Niche Kaka......

by Assistant Director (52.2k points)

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