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Industry already knows how many outsiders Salman has backed.

First of all, it is not okay to publish such statements just to counter the controversy. And look at Salman, he is farming before that he was making music videos while helping out the needy during lockdown. The cine workers are still getting the work. No need to keep on repeating what he has been doing again & again. Be like him, don't let the negativity trigger.

Not even single response from him except that one tweet asking for fans to support Sushant's fans & family. How funny it was when KRK got so desperate & tried to call out Salman saying he is getting threatening calls. Still no response from Khan & his co. Krk moved onto Indian politics, tukde tukde gang, Bhatts, Anurag Kashyap to promoting his own travel business. Ofcourse spat with Payal Rohatgi.

Jobless people will find something to waste their time on social media. People like Krk just enabled them. When you get zero response from anybody which Sonam Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha realised later before turning off comments or stuff. Best way to deal with this was to be silent. The allegations came from nobody like Krk so why stoop down to his level to defend?


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Its a deliberate conspiracy to undermine the Khans. Salman...at the cost of damaging his own movies has supported wannabes, struggling directors...basically anyone who needs work. The guy made the careers of Sajid-Wajid, Himesh and so many more.

Its time people start listening to the other side of the story as well instead of indulging in such harassment.

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instead of any agenda what baffles me is how people buy this nepotism argument doesn't everyone in any profession enjoy the merits of their father in such cases all buisness should be made illegal to be inherited by their child

why dhadak generated the excitement and had a good opening when 100s of debutant movie wont even get any notice atthe box office its simple coz there is some excitement and people want to see movie of star's children its as simple as that

sunny deol abhishek bachchan both had great excitement on their debut as both were son of a mega moovie star
but lets be hypocrites and wont acknowledge the fact that people buy tickets to see movie of star's children

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while media is treating all insiders as evil people , of course this news would not suit their trp agenda

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