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5 Years to SS Rajamouli's Epic Bahubali - The Beginning.

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1st half was visually good, 2nd felt ehh. The song with Tamanna makeover was creepy and cringe.

Overall pretty great film. My favourite scene were "parmeshwar, mere paapo ka prayischit....", WKKB and Kattapa recognising Mahendera.

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I missed this in theaters back then. Saw it much later. I wish I had caught this on the big screen.

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Congratulations to Tamanna Bhatia and thank u to abhijit Sawant fot introducing Tamanah in his music video from Indian Idol which was judged by Farah khan while she was in her initial romantic relationship with Shirish Kunder and that made all the positive difference in her life and taking correct judgements like supporting Sawant . So the real credit for the success of Bahubali , goes to Shirish Kunder . So congrsts to Shirish kunder.

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