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Dil Bechara which was originally started as a film for the big screen but is now an OTT release had a trailer release yesterday and it became a joke as it was hit by bots. Bots is basically a automated program of some sort which can interact and alter certain results.



In the case of Dil Bechara the trailer after a few hours was showing 480k odd views but 1.3 million likes which meant the bots had hit the likes as they were 3 times the views which is impossible in reality. This may be done for a lot of films but here they they have not been clever and seemed to used the program too early instead of letting the views grow.



The thing is that even with this sort of thing the public is no fool and a bad trailer is a bad trailer. There is the scenario of the sad death of Sushant Singh Rajput around the film so there will be some sympathy and some people will actually call a bad trailer good but it will hardly matter in the final count.



The sympathything  is one side and paying from the pocket and giving time to a bad film is on the other side. Here as there is no theatrical release paying from the pocket is not there and it becomes about giving time to watch it on digital but bad content fails on that level too as there are not enough people out there to waste time who have the platform where the film will become available.



Dil Bechara may have had an OTT release even if it was not for Covid 19 as the film has cost around 38 crore and the makers did not really want to take the investment to 50 with PA for a theatrical release so were contemplating an OTT release before Covid 19. Now the film will go to Star on television and Disney Hotstar on digital which are sister companies of the production house Fox Star and they will put some value on the digital and television rights to reach recovery point but recovery in real will be very unlikely.
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''a bad trailer is a bad trailer'' . That is the whole point. Nobody would have paid from there pockets if a theatrical release. Not being harsh but Sushan't view point of industry not accepting him, he was a 2-4 crore opening Star. So NO, public did not like Sushant as much as they liked Ranbir or Ranveer or Varun. He got good films yet his starpower was not improving much. Nepotism can help you, agree. But a bhaanja of Aamir Khan, Imran Khan failed to make a mark cz he was 1crore Star declared by public but Ranveer succeeded (remember that a Superstar like Salman was declaring this Era as Ranbir and Imran's Era ''meray, Shahrukh aur Aamir k baad to Ranbir or Imran he hain''. Inviting both, Ranbir and Imran on Koffee With Karan and making a statement that time did not help much either. Doesn't matter if Dharma tried to give Imran more chances than he deserved, still failed.

So no, nepotism doesn't help after a point. You ride on public's power, not big production houses. Abhishek Bachchan, Vivek Oberoi, Imran Khan etc had all the backing, yet failed because of their decisions or lack of talent in Imran's case. So Sushant was bound to struggle a lot unless public came to support his films like they did for Ranbir or Ranveer. I wish Dil Bechara was a theatrical release and people would have realized that business does not work out of sympathy. People were going to reject this film anyway. OTT will not reveal its actual worth and people will go gaga over social media saying TALENT MURDERED, lol.

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@Sandeep no nothing wrong i never said its wrong its just that some starkids don't accept that fact also my point was regarding buisness how despite being flop some star kids keep getting chances after chances nepotism is just normal any person would obviously help his/her family rather than an unknown that applies on everybody even we would do the same


SSK: bhai Sushant luckily had passed that period of being a Star. He was bound to get films in coming two years at least even if his films were flop. So he was done with that struggle already. Now he was dependant on public to like or dislike him. Agree though that Star kids do get a lot more chances but they don't get anything out of it also. Like Abhishek Bachchan despite being a terrific actor failed to get anything out of Dhoom 3 or HNY. He got zero improvement in his starpower even after 2 big films.

And yes, groupism is the word. That's what I wanted to say that if you have little acceptability as a Star then being in a group actually helps. And it is nothing wrong. Being in a group means you are acceptable in their community. And that comes with the comfort banners feel to work with a particular actor. And I can't call it wrong because I will myself do the same if in position of KJo or Aditya Chopra. Starpower+talent+comfort is the package one looks for as a producer. Who would like to work with arrogant guys like Govinda or Vivek Oberoi despite both being extremely talented. Yash Chopra loved SRK beyond films, so he wanted to work only with SRK. Even understanding the vision of Director is a talent but that does not show up onscreen so we might not see actual talent/understanding of actor-director duo and why they work together again. So groupism is not wrong. Even army chief gets selected as an army chief cz of his strong lobby. Though it is wrong if groupism is used to target another person, maybe Sushant felt the heat of people against him. But he according to me went past that stage of countering nepotism. It might be groupism Vs Sushant. So maybe he himself was not that friendly that he did not become part of any strong group even after getting so many opportunities. Some players in cricket team are important not just because of talent but because they maintain good dressing room environment and loved by all


Agree with Baadshah if something like cornering him has happened thats it must be somewhere because of him as well. If you are working in some system you have to work according to it. You can bring a change but first of all you have to become a part of it. Many have done that in past and Ayushman is a prime example. So, industry is not close for outsiders totally. I wish Sushant had faught a little more, I wish he had a little more patience, I wish he had a little more strength, I wish I wish......

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Satya bachan BOI ki

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So just because it has higher likes than views means bots abey ye youtube ke bare mein zero knowledge hai BOI ki yrr

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what is your view point? Views were stuck cz of algorithm applied?


Yup it happens everytime damn single time on evwry other video no big deal

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Sushant was murdered by Karan johar and Salman Khan..he was becoming a threat to Salman due to his rising star power..so he made sure that none of the big production houses work with him anymore..so sad. He could become one of the biggest superstars of Hindi Cinema.

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I would like to believe this was sarcasm.

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This stupid guy doesn't know that youtube doesn't update number of view immediately.

If anyone know this guy, just give this link to him


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A little research wouldn't have hurted but BOI thinks we are also as stupid as them

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First of all, it's great to be back on the forum again! Geez I have missed this place so much!

And about this trailer, I found it to be average. Of course his untimely death makes this a must watch, but the sad reality is that had he not passed away, no one would have given 2 cents to this film and would have called it a "Bad rip off of Fault in our stars". And that is the bitter truth. It takes someone's death for people to wake up and start their speculations, nepotism etc etc.

However, Sushant was a great actor, but he didn't get any support from the public. If the audience chose Luka Chuppi (also starring non star kids) over Sonchiriya (which released on the same day last year), if people reject a Detective Byomkesh Bakshy and give all the credit of the MS Dhoni biopic to the cricketer and not the actor, then he is going to have a hard time in the industry. I am not going to talk about whether it was a suicide or a murder and not go into those details. But the fact is, he had lesser stardom than varun, ranveer, ranbir & tiger but was talented than all of them.

And finally, about BOI's Bots statement. The guy needs to understand how YouTube works! It happens with every anticipated trailer and song!

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BOI is dumb as hell.

Sushant is gone now. Better to let him rest in peace now instead of using his name to peddle ones own agendas. Its disgusting how a few people are falling to such lows to advance their own narrative

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