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For me it's Heathcliff's character in Wuthering Heights (1939). It's the strongest character in all the novels I read and I can't find new movie adaptations, so I watched the 1939 movie and made me so emotional.

Bollywod adaptation of Wuthering Heights was so much different from the original.Dilip Kumar's role(Dil Diya Dard Liya) is not villianous as Heathcliff .
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Ultron and thanos in avengers
Agent Smith is matrix
Naseeruddin shah in a Wednesday
Grindlewald in fantastic beasts
Virus in... The invasion
Night king.. In the game of throne

I'll update if I remember more...

Edit - silva in skyfall

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whatever you are saying is correct, but i dont know why i never evver felt any sympathy for magneto...he was so cocky...he would never have put himself in line of fire.... what he did to wolverine in every other movie....i just wanted him dead lol..... still my list is for different reason like the virus thing in invasion would have made the world a place without wars and only brotherhood,
the matrix again for reason like .... neo was created 7 times and he failed 7 times, had smith won only once .... he just wanted what ultron and night king wanted.... to eradicate humans....the ultimate disease to the planet.


Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts.

I guess the second one, and I guess you must be saying so because of the future of character but in the film itself, he did no act which invoke sympathy. Love Potter but I am basically a Wizarding world noob so may be I am missing something.


Yup the entire character... Till the time of his peak... Which I'm not sure if they will show in the movies... He is two persons in one body....
Even in the movies .. See the color of his eyes... They are different... Because Johnny Depp was so conflicted if he's a good guy or bad guy... And he suggested this for his character.


@grand Nova has Salman banged Katrina or not?

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SRK in Baazigar ..........

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SRK in Baazigar. Ultimately one rooted for him in the end.

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Killmonger in Black Panther. Even the way he died. Made the protagonist change his mind. Had a bigger impact in that movie that Black Panther himself.

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Amjad khan in MKS......

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SRK in Baaziga...but more precisely SRK in Darr.

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  1. SRK -- Baazigar
  2. Dharmendra -- Qayamat
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In recent times, Thanos

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the return of the king (bow)

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