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Home Alone well Star Movies channel addiction happened because of these movies. Thoroughly entertaining film. The whole family loved this one. And even today we get hooked to it whenever we find it airing. Back in the day, I remember laughing throught making this an instant favorite. 


Share your experience of watching HOME ALONE [1990] for the very first time?

How do you feel knowing it's been almost 30 years d film?

Where did you watch the film for the first time? At home or in theater?

If you haven't watched this gem yet, are you willing to give this one a try in near future?

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Like a lot of these movies you post about, I saw it so early in my life that I don't even remember my first experience.

But it has been a classic in my home for as long as I can remember. I still see it from time to time.

Earlier I used to like Home Alone 2 more, but over time I've realised that the first is a better movie while the second is more of a cartoon. Tons of memories attached to both regardless.

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Watched when i was small, and obviously star, now was it gold or movies i forgot.

Enjoyed it, it was funny, although i do now realize most of its fun is in second half, first half is just sorry of passing time to the main course.

Why i didn't realized that when i first watched it? Because i never watched it full on my first few etched, always somehow used to start from middle, and then you understand the gulf between second half and first half when you watch a movie from middle and yet you feel you haven't missed much...... Atleast for me.

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