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I guess I haven't seen 5. The ones I watched.

  1. Super Deluxe: 8/10
  2. Bigil: 3/10

Guess we are done here.


@Jatinder you should definitely check out Kaithi & Asuran. Ofcourse as I told all before, Asuran is extremely violent. But Kaithi (which clashed with Bigil) is a thorough entertainer & class apart. Ofcourse you could wait for the Ajay Devgn remake, but know it is not that easy to grasp the essence of the original. Like director's previous hit, even this story takes place over a night. Action is filmy unlike director's previous film because Karthi is a superstar but doesn't affect the film one bit.

I would've suggested Peranbu but it requires way too much patience to sit through this. And if you have never watched a Mammootty starrer before then wouldn't want this to be the first one for you to watch.


donno why, my sensibilities don't match with Malayalam films. it's tough watching them too, they speak way too fast and reading subs is hard. I wish I could overcome that.

Will check Asuran. Kaithi too most likely, but I saw many comps with KGF which I absolutely hated for being so loud and OTT, I thought of skipping it entirely.


@Jatinder you need to give Malayalam films a try with patience. Or else you are missing out on real gems the industry is producing.

I don't know why Kaithi is being compared with KGF. Over the top stuff is a different scenario. Kaithi is technically brillinat. KGF too is all a technical film with nothing new in the story but the characters specifically written got the praise. Anyways, KGF was Kannada industry's Bahubali in terms of hype & it worked out. Kaithi is not an elaborated story like KGF to even compare. It is to the point, one night survival story. Anything "ott" is justified within this script's universe & is instant. No huge build up like KGF to present the hero as an invincible one man army.

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I haven't watched many Tamil films of 2019. I'll list the ones I have watched and give my rating -

  1. Petta: Typical Rajni affair, I found this better than Darbar and Kabali. 6.5/10

  2. Viswasam: Continuing the "" film series after Veeram, Vedalam, Vivegam, Ajith & Siva brought this massy affair. Decent flick, I would give it a 7.

  3. Dev: Watched it on Goldmines only for Rakul Preet. It sucks. 4/10

  4. Thadam: The movie Siddharth Malhotra is going to remake, starring Arun Vijay in a double role. Great thriller IMO. But did get a little predictable later on. 7.5/10

  5. Super Deluxe:: Experimental film with a great star cast, 4 separate stories intertwining which changes their lives. Sethupathi as a trans gender was definitely the highlight. And Samantha, she is just gorgeous! 8/10

  6. Kanchana 3: Same revenge horror comedy film. Nothing new to add in this one. I enjoyed Kanchana, and Kanchana 2 was good cos of Taapsee, but this was a bore fest. I hope Raghava hasn't made a mess of a film like this in Laxmmi Bomb! 3/10

  7. Game Over: Decent thriller film. The twist was quite good, related to video games. An average thriller at best. 6.5/10

  8. Asuran:: Horrifying! Jaw dropping! Too much blood and violence and oppression against the lower caste. Such stories makes you think if there are such people that exists in the country. 8.5/10

Not included Saaho here as it's a telugu film.
Not watched Ajith's Nerkonda Paarvai since it's a remake of Pink. Didn't want to watch a remake.
Not watched Kaithi as I want to watch Ajay's version of the film.
Skipped Bigil entirely. No reason for this. Might catch it later on

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bhai how many languages you understand/speak ?


Lol, I don't understand Tamil or Telugu, But I genuinely enjoy their films. Either watch the dubbed version on YouTube, or watch it with subtitles on Amazon or Netflix.

To answer your question: 4

English, Hindi, Kannada and Marathi. Bits of Telugu since I have watched a lot of films.

Name your top 5 favourite Telugu movies of 2019?

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