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Predict top 5 Megastars as per BOI who have sold most number of tickets !

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Here are the Stars and approx sold tickets as per me :

Amitabh bachchan - 150cr plus

Dharmji - 120cr plus

Salman khan - 95cr plus

Akshay kumar - 89cr plus

Dilip kumar/Srk - 75cr plus

Note: Data is approx and assumed not confirmed for Amitabh, dharmji and Dilip saab, there are chances to b up nd down little bit

Now predict your list as per your boxoffice knowledge.
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7 Answers

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I can't put a number on it but from this era it will be Megastar Salman Khan who comes on top.
Akki will be second with the huge volume. The guy has 4-5cr footfall every year, Amazing.

by Assistant Director (53.8k points)

BOI would try to make increase Akki's movies' verdicts but he has so many chindi hits. you just can't make Rustom a BB and people will buy it.

Reshma has bought BOI, if you remember Kesari is biggest movie in 25 years and Toilet will be a blockbuster announcement within the weekend and they were made to fall on their faces flat as akki just didnt have the stardom for it. First address that, then we'll see how salman had just one good decade.


stardom lol talk about sallu
no opening of movies in 90s itself no bumper excellent opener then lol , akshay had bumper opening six times to that of salman in same year lol

disasters and flops back to back in 90s

and 2000s decade , lol let me not even start here


LOL as expected. You never talk about BBs, ATBBs, HOGTYs of akki. Just talk about bad phase of Salman LOL.

Keep going. Everyone will as usual laught at you. MEGASTAR AKSHAY KUMAR ROFL


are bhai salman ka bad phase hi itna jyaada hai almost 2 decades to us par hi to baat karenge naa ki 6 saal par

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For the modern era, will be Salman. Akshay does multiple movies a year, so he's going to be quite high too.

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Amitabh bachchan - 200cr aprox

Dharmendra - 180cr plus

Salman khan - 95cr plus

Rajesh khanna - 90 cr

jeetendra - 100cr

Akshay kumar - 90 cr plus

Dilip kumar - 75 cr

by Casting Director (18.7k points)
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Dharam have sold not more than 100cr tickets.


Kewal 1970s me hi dharam ke 75 cr plus ticket successful movies se hai rest 15 cr aur hoga, total 85 cr se 90cr in 70s me hai .


Yes dharmji ka 120cr k lagpag footfalls bnaynge

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Dharmendra (200 cr)
Amitabh (200 cr)
Dilip kumar (150 cr)
Jitendra (100 cr)
Salman + Harminder sigh (100 cr) 80 cr by salman movies and Harminder has sold 20 cr through

by Camera Operator (8.2k points)

That decade was pretty bad for footfalls
no..totally wrong... people were not coming out to watch movie in theatre, then how collection increases from previous is Harminder who considered high ATP for those movies..that y ff look low....infact barring KMG (which has still very low ff) not a single movie have touch 1.4cr ff from 2003 to 2005 ( in 3 years) would u believe this....collections of movies increased from previous years or almost same....there are many movies which were recieved well and trended better...mhn, no. entry, vz, khnh, msk, fanna....there is hardly difference in ff of MBBS and JHMS.....just 5 lacs diff between zero and tere naam when tere naam has done ecellent in smaller....audience dont care whether industry goes bad phase, if they see poster trailer is good they watch it 1960, 80s or 00s...audience kya sirf in saath saal me ghar baithi rahi kya?


Dear 200cr for amitabh is too high to believe amitabh ki mega hit movies aur hit movies ko mila k 100cr bn jayga baki 50cr choti moti hits ka bnayga so 150cr is ideal for amitabh


bhai maine random bola hoon serious mat lena...


sallus name should not be taken with the other genuine superstars they all have consistent performance throughout their career

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Dilip Dharam Amitabh Akshay SRK are genuine superstars here with good performance throughout the career sallu became star in 2010 and in 7 years his stardom fizzled out

In 3/4 years Megastar Akshay Kumar will be having record for most tickets sold after big b and dharam

by Location Scout (3.5k points)
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I have calculated this 2 days ago.

Salman (50 films as per BOI) - 76.24 cr - excludes 1989-1993)
Shahrukh (48 films as per BOI) -69.83 cr - excludes 1992/1993)

So overall salman can go upto 85-90 cr
And Shahrukh can go upto 80 cr

Rest don't know.

by Production Designer (12.6k points)
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Oh bhai Salman ki only Hit movies ka footfalls hi 60cr plus bnta tu kis calculation ki baat karta


Yes my mistake.

I wrote 76 ko 65 for Salman and
69 ko 59 for Shahrukh.

Now edited.

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Why is SRK name in small / hiding

By average anyway BIG B Dilip Ji and SRK are the top 3

by Art Director (2.9k points)

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