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Vivek rai  and Invincible are banned for 3 weeks for making highly derogatory/abusive comments. Users are reminded that they can stick to box office discussions without resorting to abuse.

To be unblocked on: 23rd June 2020

-Team IBO
in Warnings by Mega Star (226k points)

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Its sad or disappointing to ban the Users as sometimes their contribution is useful in both ways - for sharing some really good info or doing some nonsense/troll/time pass to keep the forum live n kicking....

but what can we do??if they don;t understand the basic rules and that is just to


They will be back with more maturity and patience!!

by Unit Manager (39.8k points)
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Are you sure because I haven't seen that happening to user after getting a ban.. lol

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Good job.........,.......

by Set Designer (1.9k points)
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hahahhahahhahhaha....great job guys!! Now go and fight in real world

by Production Accountant (24.2k points)
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That's great decision from the admins.

by Editor (81.7k points)

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