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Shah Rukh Khan's Meer Foundation to provide aid to child who tried to wake up dead mother at train station.

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Actor Shah Rukh Khan’s Meer Foundation has pledged support towards the child from the viral Muzaffarpur railway station video. The toddler’s video of him pulling on his dead mother at the station went viral amid the migrant exodus crisis.

Meer Foundation shared a picture of the child with his grandparents and said it will be looking after his well-being. “#MeerFoundation is thankful to all who helped us reach this child, whose heart wrenching video of trying to wake his mother disturbed all. We are now supporting him and he is under his grandfather’s care,” the organisation’s tweet read.

Shah Rukh tweeted, “Thank you all for getting us in touch with the little one. We all pray he finds strength to deal with the most unfortunate loss of a parent. I know how it feels...Our love and support is with you baby.”

Shah Rukh lost his father when he was a child and his mother died 30 years ago. During his interview with David Letterman, Shah Rukh had said that there is one thing ‘he holds against his parents’ it’s that they did not spend enought time with him. “So that’s one thing I decided. That I am going to make sure that I live very long, and I make sure that I keep on living with my kids and never let them feel they don’t have a parent. So any given moment I spend with them, I study with them, I sleep with them, I chat with them, I sort out all their problems, and I hate it when they have boyfriend girlfriend problems,” he had said.

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I cried when I saw it on Facebook and thanks a lot SRK

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yaar dont put these extreme sad news here pls

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Can't run from reality. Atleast the kids got help now.


i cant live without my mother even now , cant imagine that child's pain
may God bless them

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by Mega Star (225k points)

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