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Laxmmi Bomb will NOT release on OTT platforms (as of now) - Komal Nahta

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All the rumours regarding Laxmmi Bomb is wrong, a price of 125 crores wasn't offered as the producers of the film are the owners of the OTT platform. The film won't release online AS OF NOW. 

Source : Komal Nahta


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It's a tough situation. On one hand releasing big movies on ott is not good thinking. But on the other hand, having a theatre release will only lead to losses, i don't see audiences coming out to see movies this year.

There is a big cost involved since many of these movies are ready for release. Tough times..

by Mega Star (225k points)
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Clashes toh tab hongi bhai jab movies shoot hongi. Lockdown didn't only stopped movies from releasing but also put a full stop at shooting. So, unless shooting is allowed and movies release is put on hold for more than 2-3 for that while only then clashes will happen. Lockdown has affected everything equally and have shifted the whole system no just one thing.


Sandeep, likes of SV, Radhe, Bhuj, 83, LB are ready/5-10% shooting remaining for some. Very high chance we have a clash on xmas if a movie releases in 2020.

There can definitely be a clash amongst these. Plus when future shooting resumes, since release schedules have been so badly affected, there will be a mad rush to release big ticket movies. And clashes will happen then too.


Producers should come to a sense of understanding to not clash big films together. It will be a loss for both parties.

Of course every film wants a holiday release, but with the current situation and the audience being starved of theatre experience, any week a film releases will give good box office results.

If things normalise by Diwali (best case possible), then we can have one biggie each on Diwali, Christmas, Sankranti (the Uri & Tanhaji weekend) and then Republic Day.


@Intense itna toh producers know ki they can't release Radhe and Sooryavanshi on a same date. Aur bas LB, 83 aur SV hi completely ready hai to release baaki mein even Radhe have works to do. Bhuj toh bahut door ki baat hai. Agar shooting is not opened proper for 1-2 months the it might not see a release this year. Prithviraj, LSC, Bhramastra sabki bahut shooting left hai so badi movie bachi hi 2-3 so clash nahi honi vwali jitna sab bolre hai

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yes pls release LB and SV only in theatres , if needed wait till next year but

by Location Scout (3.5k points)
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It will be unfair to him if these both movies release on ott

by Location Manager (7.9k points)
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Laxxmi Bomb is purely for theatrical experience and OT would be wasted if they opt for an OTT release..

by Second Unit Director (77.9k points)
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Whatever movie will be released by October the movies will be flop, the family audience will not come.

by Casting Director (18.7k points)
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We don't want Mega Superstar Akshay movies in OTT. Release it in theatres.

by Editor (81.6k points)

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