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Madhuri Dixit is an actor par excellence, and her filmography speaks for itself. From Tezaab to Beta to Hum Aapke Hain Koun, Madhuri has delivered some of the most iconic films of Bollywood and has left a mark every time with both her spunky performance and her riveting dance moves.

Hence, when India Today Television spoke to the diva, it was only natural that we touch upon those memorable performances. Starting with Hum Aapke Hain Koun, of course.

Madhuri feels of all the roles she's essayed, Nisha, her character in Hum Aapke Hain Koun comes closest to who she is as a person. "Nisha's character was very close to the way I am. I had to just be myself," Madhuri started off. She also added that it was fun working on the movie, something that showed on the screen. "Working on the film was like a picnic, we all had great fun shooting it," she said, adding, "And the film's reception by the audience made it better."

Of course, the film went on to become a huge hit, and till date remains a favourite of every 90s kid. Apart from the popular numbers brought alive by Madhuri's flawless dancing, the lead pair's chemistry stood out too.

Hum Aapke Hain Koun saw a sort of naughty chemistry between her and her co-star Salman Khan, something that the audience lapped up. Madhuri thinks her exchange with Salman was "cute" and that is why the audience loved it. "Salman Khan and my nokjhok was very cute and was appreciated," she said.

While Hum Aapke Hain Koun remains a noteworthy film in Madhuri's career, especially thanks to Nisha and Prem's (Salman's character in the film) Jodi, it is Anil Kapoor that Madhuri has worked with the most number of times. In fact, her breakthrough film, Tezaab was also opposite Anil. "We were just working as earnestly as possible. I did every film with equal sensitivity. Tezaab just worked out, it became successful, and I tasted my first success with Tezaab," Madhuri said about her film.

Speaking of Beta, another film that saw the two together, Madhuri said, "Beta was basically teamwork, a classic example of how things work out when you have a great rapport with your team. The scenes between me and Aruna Irani came out well. Anil Kapoor, of course, gets into the skin of the character and he was brilliant. All in all, it was a great experience."

Sridevi and Madhuri have been contemporaries, and it was always speculated that there was a brewing rivalry between the two top actresses. Crushing these rumours, Madhuri said, "Sridevi was a thorough professional. She gave her whole life to her work. I have not done even a fifth of the films she had done. But there was no rivalry, we're not racehorses, so we don't think about who is going to come first."

On the work front, Madhuri recently made a singing debut with her single, Candle. She will soon be seen in a Netflix series, to be produced by Karan Johar's Dharma Productions.

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Madhuri thinks her exchange with Salman was "cute" and that is why the audience loved it.


Team effort went in to make the movie what it was.


Agree.I think Sooraj deserves more credit for his thorough knowledge of so many old movies


Yeah I may not like him but have to respect what he's achieved. Delivered mammoth ATBB's and he knew the pulse of the Indian audiences.

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Have waited its premier on Zee Tv still remember the supporting advertisement or sponsorer Colgate Total which was airing with the caption 'Sampoorn Vivah'
I liked the movie too ..
Love the way Sooraj presented Salman in both MPK & HAHK sadly didn't like his nxt direction movies except Vivah to some extent ..

by Producer (118k points)
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Three perfect man made beauties :
Taj Mahal
Pride and Prejudice (novel)
Hum Aapke Hain Koun

by Producer (114k points)
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Tezaab was the turning point of Madhuri's career.

by Casting Director (18.7k points)
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Mega power star salman and sooraj combo made it huge hit. It has nothing to do with madhuri.

by Set Designer (1.9k points)

Mega Power Star? Why is Ram Charan's title thrown at Salman Khan?

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Madhuri's biggest hit
She was the bigger star in the movie and got all the credit

by Location Scout (3.5k points)

And only 3 cr footfalls movie


Just like madhuri was bigger star than srk in anjaam.


of course till mid 90s she was bigger than all the khans and even that tier 2 star aamir who is below mithun and rishi in boi ranking :D


Don't call him tier 2 star. He is mega super duper star.


Noone remembers HAHK as madhuri movie but everyone remembers mohra as sunil shetty movie and rowdy rathor as sonakshi movie ...None of akki movies are known because of him...Even villain have more to do in akki movie then hin(dance)


still akki is bigger star than khans todays esp that tier 2 aamir with no stardom and fan following
12/13 hits and ranked below mithun hahahaha


@Abhay and @Kakarot, name calling and taunting someone's nationality is not allowed. I am sure we can stick to the discussion/trolling purely on box office.

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