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1). Dhol (7.25/10): A classic. Have seen this tons of times and I revisit it time to time to lift my spirits up. Among the comedy movies that have multiple leads, I would perhaps rank this behind Dhamaal, but above Golmaal, Masti, Fukrey, etc. As usual for Priyadarshan movies, the movie is more about how characters react to a situation rather than the logic behind how the situation happened. The chemistry between the guys is superb. I wish it had been a hit.


1). Dave (7/10): A show that I never even considered watching until I saw that it got good reviews from viewers and was renewed for S2. This show I guess is a slightly juvenile version of Master of None. Based on and starring a rapper that I have not heard of before (Lil Dicky), it's a funny series that chronicles his attempts to become a successful rapper. What I really liked about the series was it's dialogue. It felt less like it was written by a big team of writers and more like a couple of friends just riffing and writing down their most random thoughts. The humour can range from silly d-i-c-k jokes to really absurd stuff, but it made me laugh (or at least grin) several times. The drawbacks would be the inconsistent personality of the lead (can be a nice, warm human being to an egomaniac in a second), and that the acting from the lead isn't exactly good. Plus the episodes don't have much connection to each other as whole. And some forced relationship drama right at the end. Anyway, I don't even like rap songs but this show manages to make the journey of a rapper fun. If you just want a half hour show with decent characters saying absurd things to one another, give it a watch. It's just one season so far.

2). Space Force (rating after I finish it): The 2 main guys behind The Office coming together to make a series for Netflix because they are losing The Office soon. Well, this show was presented as a replacement to The Office from the start, and it was wrong. This show is nothing like that show. In fact it is a bit of a nothing show. From the first 2.5 episodes, it is just forced attempts at humour while taking jabs at Trump. The great ensemble cast does nothing for it and the series so far feels hollow and just made for money (Carell is making $1m per episode). I am still going to finish it because Greg Daniels has a history with poor first seasons (The Office, Parks and Rec), but my hopes aren't high. Greg's other show released earlier this year (Upload) is much better and that deserves more attention. But this show will obviously get more initial popularity due to its relation to The Office.

Disclaimer: The idea of this post belongs to the user Ankit 007. I am just making this post because he's been inactive for a while. And yes, I intend to keep posting a disclaimer every week because it doesn't stop being his idea after crediting him a few times.

Content of the Week: Dave.

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Disclaimer wars. lol.

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Bad Boys For Life 7/10
Although i didn't much liked the shift in tone from more comic to serious but still liked it alright

Notebook 5/10
Average not bad actually both the leads also did fine work
It felt something missing though

Game Night 7/10
Fun film enjoyed it completely one of those popcorn flicks to watch on weekends

The Boys S1 7/10
Ahhh great concept and executed brilliantly as well
Loved the diff take on Superheroes looking forward to S2

Betaal 3/10
Well actually wanted to rate it 2 extra 1 point just for trying a diff genre since everybody on Indian OTT seems to think crime is the only genre
Characters are stupid cliche there is no emotional connect and its more of a supernatural than zombie TBH
The concept was good but they completely failed in execution
RCE needs to pull up or even better just stop making such duds

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Malgudi Days (Season 2) 4/5.

Friends Season 1 and 2 : NR
Thappad: 3.5/5

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Bawarchi- 3.5/5(love the movie and slowly and steadily I am becoming a fan of Kaka)

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1. About Time: A nice film about time travel, a good time travel concept too and I love the time travel thing except Endgame where I felt time travel cheapened the Infinity War. Anyhow, was surprised with the critical reception of film but audience ratings are good as the film is. 8/10
2. Weathering With You: Takes some time to settle in unlike Your Name and 5 Centimeters Per Second but by the second half of film it gets pretty good. As usual Shinkai's animation is beautiful. 7/10.
3. Reservoir Dogs: Had this on watch list for a long time, finally watched it this week and it was awesome. 8/10

1. Betaal: Usually I don't watch Indian series, trailer was ehh but SRK producing it, so gave it a chance and it was boring and cliche, lasted only one episode. 1/10
2. Seinfeld: S3E2-E9: Resumed it after some time, the first 2-3 episodes were trying too hard to make people laugh and terribly failing. Seinfeld's acting didn't help either. It did get better for couple of episodes but then again Can't-stand-ya. Will give it a try after some time. No rating
3. Brooklyn 99: I binged it till S5 few years back and loved it, so when it returned for S6, I was excited but the first 4-5 episodes were Boooooring, except for Hitchcock and Skully, was bad but good. So resumed it, took me some time to get into it again but was mostly entertaining. No rating
4. Paatal Lok: Usually I don't watch Indian series, trailer was ehh but this series created some burns to Indian right wing, so gave it a chance and I will let this thread speak for. 5/10
5.Rick and Morty: S4E9: The best of second half of S4 so far. Back to Back two good episodes and we are back to the best running comedy series. 9/10

Content of the Week: All the Movies and Rick and Morty

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  1. Vaanam Kottattum [2020 - Tamil] = 4/10 [Good performances couldn't elevate the slow paced screenplay. Decent family drama, required better writing.]
  2. Charlie Chaplin's City Lights [1931] = 8/10 [Always works. Especially the boxing scene.]
  3. Avengers: Endgame [2019] = NR [Finally finished it with one go, convincing dad to sit throughout the movie. Opnion will remain lenient.]
  4. Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy [2019 - Kannada Dubbed] = NR [Don't even ask why I watched the Kannada dubbed version.]
  5. Bodyguard [2011] = NR [Well EID special.]

Movie of the Week = Charlie Chaplin's City Lights.

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War Of The Worlds - 3/5.

Joker - 4.5/5

Lucy - 3.5/5

Justice League - 3.5/5

The Mask - 3.5/5

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I am pretentious and I like it - NR

Week was going perfectly well until I saw the latest episode of this terrible rip-off... Just like the previous episodes I can watch the first 90% of it but then the ending really ruins it for me ... Makes my blood pressure shoot up . ... Simply makes me want to drag the writer to the street, hand him a placard to display with this written on it.

Disclaimer :: main dheetthh mitti se bana Hun

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