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Suggest the list of best web series to watch on Netflix.

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in Cinematic Discussion by Super-star (189k points)

5 Answers

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by Casting Director (18.7k points)

Panchayat is on Amazon prime. Not netlfix.


Not having prime lol. And one of my friends shared his ID password for Netflix.


Caution graphic comment coming up...

Have you ever wondered in Vikings how every guy is always "erected" would literally take them 1 sec to get started with the thing... One moment they'll all be like sad or trying to kill someone or plotting revenge and next moment oh look hello .. looks like someone's confused and yet happy to see her. .

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Money heist
The fall
Peaky Blinders
Designated Survivor

by Mega Star (226k points)

Head a lot about these, especially 1st two. Also how about Punisher and Daredevil, have you seen them?


Seen Daredevil. It's good. Haven't seen the punisher

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S-e-x Education

13 Reasons Why (s1 only)

Master of None (very different type of comedy show. it's good)

Santa Clarita Diet (you get a pretty good sitcom with a lot of gore. it's quite funny too).

Dark. Very serious and complicated, but amazingly detailed and rewarding. Better to watch it in one go. Best thing would be to wait a couple of weeks, as 3rd (and final) season is premiering on 26 June. Watch all 3 seasons back to back.

by Editor (82.0k points)
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Sex Education ( I loved this show very much)
Dark (but as the last season is going to come on 27 June so you should wait a liitle as stated by Mr. Hola)
Money Heist (but only first 2 seasons have that novelty factor after that it gets redundant).
Breaking Bad is available there as well.
Sense 8
The Haunting of the Hill House (This is one of the best work in this genre as it has got a great story in addition to the chills and thrills provided time to time)
End of the F**king World (This one is very very unique dark comedy show and the good thing is it gets better in 2nd season)

by Unit Manager (33.7k points)

But I think season 2 will have the different cast and settings as the chapter of Crain family is over and there isn't much scope for further development.
About End of the f**king World then yes its one of its kind and good thing is episodes length is only about 22-23 minutes so you cann't get bore anyhow.


I've finished end of the *** world season 1. It's fantastic. Episodes are not long and we can watch 2 episodes per day.


And if its sunday you can watch 2 seasons in a day


Jaldhi khatam bi nai karna ha lol

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Money Heist
Peaky Blinders..

I completer Money Heist and almost finishing with Peaky trust me these two are lit.. Especially Money heist is one killer of a series.. I also would suggest you go for Prison Break as well though it is no Hotstar.. Terrific series.. I'm feeling these are far better than most movies ..

by Second Unit Director (77.9k points)

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