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Indie or commercial any kind of good stuff ... Preferably from 90s to now.

Disclaimer : the idea of this post belongs to that other guy and I'm making this post because apparently it's impossible to make each such post without writing this.

It's may be because I'm afraid he'll probably sue me or I have excessive ink in my keyboard or because I'm just a flat out dummy.... And a true slap on the face of the earth.

If you still see me posting this disclaimer again ... Rush me to a hospital .. although I may already be a lost cause.
in Non-Bollywood by Super-star (198k points)

The last film I watched - About Time.


lol on description though.
cc - Mr. Hola

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The that was hilarious. (rofl)

by Mega Star (226k points)

Grand Wulfric Disclaimer Nova style

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1942 A Love Story

by Producer (114k points)
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Khamosh 1985

Andha yudh 1987

qatl 1986


kalyug 1981


by Casting Director (18.7k points)

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