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Share your experience of watching VOLCANO [1997] the very first time. 

Where did you watch this film? In theater or at home?

If you haven't watched it yet, are you planning to give this a try in near future?


I watched this movie for the first time on Star Movies. Previously, my mom had planned to take me to this movie when it had released in theaters in Mysore but the plan didn't work out. So until it came on TV, I was waiting like anything. Afterall, cancelled plan means really hurtful disappointment. 

Anyways, it took me several tv screenings to finally catch the film on Star Movies because well I wasn't allowed to watch TV late night. And when I watched it, I was thoroughly entertained by it. For a long period, it was among my favorite disaster films if not the best. Tommy Lee Jones well I had watched Batman Forever before this so it took a while to accept him as the hero. Liked this film so much that I used to watch the Hindi & Tamil dubbed versions of it on TV. It's been I guess over a decade since I last watched this film. 


Original Trailer -

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Suhas, have you watched this movie called Ramji Londonwaley? That film with R Madhavan in the lead role.


Yup. Original was Tamil, written & produced by Kamal Haasan & it also starred Madhavan.

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Watched it first in Star Movies i guess, i was very entertained by it, used to watch it whenever it used to air on tv.

Because i like it very much, i was surprised after i found out some time back that or didn't got good reviews from critics..... I don't care about it, but still was surprising.

I guess critucs are why we can't have good things.

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Watched it in Nagpur in Dharampeth!!...
Enjoyed the movie....loved the build up to the whole thing ...and then how to stop it....
Also...till that time...was not aware that Hollywood is fascinated with movies related to natural it was an enjoyable experience.....

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Ah someone to watch it in theater. Was waiting for your answer.

But this was the post which I expected for your answer the most.

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will tell you once i watch this full seems ordinary masalaflick of hwood

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Lagta hai star movies per dekha hai.

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