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Finally something good comes from Bhai!

I loved it.

Kya bolte Neta bhai hahaha too good :D

Tiktok pe bawal hoga ab


Zabardast EIDI!!!


here's someone doing something for his fans.

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poora album aane waala hai kuch dino main

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He is called Megastar for a reason coz he knows how to keep connected with his fans even in Lockdown

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Everything about the song is satisfactory

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Catchy tune quirky lyrics & most importantly the great message of peace & brotherwood yeh toh hit hai boss ..(muscle)

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Better than recent songs sung by him.

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finally bhai ne kardiya!! Very good song!!

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This is good. Better than the previous ones coming.

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Arey ye kya hai MEGASTAR Bhai?
Akki chalo deshbhakti pe movie karta hai toh Bhai ke chahne wale usse troll aur abhi Bhai Hindu-Muslim, Eid-Diwali kiye jaara hai har jagah toh Bhai ke chahne walo ko mazza aara hai. Lol
Btw MEGASTAR should keep his megastardom limited to films only ab Gaano mein bhi aagye toh Arjit jese singers ka kya hoga?

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koun arjit? never heard about him!!


The difference between Salman & Akshay is that what Salman preaches on screen follows the same in real life too ..
Where as Akshay is like Haathi ke daanth khane ke kuch aur & dikhane ke kuch aur .. IYKWIM (smoking)


Lol real life mein MEGASTAR Bhai ne kya kiya hai its still been argued in court so pehle bhai case jeet jaaye tab baat karenge real life mein MEGASTAR Bhai kaisa hai.
Rahi baat Akki ki toh his father belonged to Indian Army so its natural for him to have a sentiments similar to a soldier. So Akki jo screen pe karta thats looks more genuine than what Bhai is constantly trying to do after the success of BB.


His nationality is never questioned unlike Akshay's Canadian thing. He never said he wanted to settle outside India. He never changed his stance about Canadian citizenship unlike Akshay.

At least his fans should not talk about this. Guy is milking Indian sentiments and people have called him out several time for this. You seem like a guy who has Akki's picture as dp on Twitter with a Saffron tika on the forehead. Don't be so butthurt. Salman has been vocal about unity since long.

Not like Akshay who does one movie, gets a mediocre hit and moves on to another mediocre hit in the name of deshbhakti.


What Akshay did was a pro govt & majority appeasement with his interview with PM & the other stuff ..
Whereas Salman be it here or in his earlier videos didn't favour the govt or politicians or any particular community ..
If you would have known the difference then you wouldn't be putting this answer on this post ..


Salman believes in the man, not the ruling party.

I will always be a supporter of his stance on unity. He has shown this again and again in his movies not just to milk money but he truly believes that. What do you expect from a guy who is a muslim but celebrates Ganpati. It takes something to do something like that. He's the true embodiment of a secular Indian.

But how will you understand, you support a guy who is just fooling y'all and will leave country after he's made enough 40 day movies and earned enough.


@Seinfield Akki was never accused of driving over people sleeping on footpaths unlike MEGASTAR Bhai. Here you are defending an accused of killing people, hunting animals and harassing his co-stars but speaking against a person who has tried to contribute towards Indian Army betterment speaks about about level of morals you have so will not argue much with you.
@Irdwhelp So if somebody tries to contribute to create awareness gov scheems than isn't that a good initiative. Aur rahi Canadian citizenship wali baat toh bhai konsa Akki logo ko paisa loot kar Canada leja raha hai rather he is denoting a part of his earned money to the people of India only. He isn't robbing people. Then Salman has been vocal about this Hindu-Muslim thing unity thing only after BB when he saw that his retard fans saw him as some maseeha type. He did it in BB, TZH, Tubelight bhi ussi unity wale pe based tha aur abhi toh ek movie ka naam hi Eid Diwali rakh diya hai toh patani kya hi hoga usme ab.
Aur Akki ne kya fool kardiya tum MEGASTAR Bhai ke fans ko zara batana mujhey, uski movies mein mein galat cheezein bata raha hai kya. Megastar Bhai ki movie mein ek aadmi 100 ko peetra hai wo sahilagra hai tereko but Akki ki movie mein toilet pe baatein chalri hai toh log usse bewakoof banre hai. Waah mere MEGASTAR Bhai ke fan waah.


Haha LOL One time he says he loves canada's terrains, clean roads which is totally opposite to India.

Another day he cries that his films were flopping so he decided to be a Canadian and move their with the help of a friend.


What I see is a tow faced money maker who does not care about my nation and just wants to do movies that generate revenue at the expense of people'e emotions.

Kisi aur ko jaake sikhana yeh sab. We know what nation he is from and where his priorities are. abhi aur 3 4 movies flop hone de, he will vanish there like a migrant and never come back here.
Salman on the other hand has seen a far worse slump than him (by his megastar standards) yet he is an Indian at heart.


Indian at heart who don't want people on footpaths that should be the whole of it. Aur 3-4 flops bahit baar hui hai Akki ki lekin he has bounced back everytime without help of any big banner ya family. Esse hi usse selfmade superstar nahi kehte. Aur who wants to make more money gets cleared by the thing is who is trying to involve his every family member in films taaki director, costars ka kharcha bach jaaye.


I can make derogatory remarks about having his fly opened by his wife in public. Such is the behaviour of your star but i dont give a shit about him and his 2 dollar sense of patriotism.

You came on this post barking when this post had nothing to bash. You are just a butthurt fanboy. No point in arguing with likes of you.


Facts and incideces of Megastar Bhai ke fans bahut ache se ignore karte hai. They will overlook everything he might have done in past but are thrashing Akki for doing patriotic movies.
I know people like you quite well. Abhi koi accused politician hota toh uske against articles pe articles chaap deta but when it comes to Bhai same bhai becomes innocent. So, you better avoid yourself from saying anything against other stars when your own favorite is accused of some many immortal things. Aur Bhai ke kand hi itne hi ki poore din bhi bolon kam pad jayege so I never miss a chance to do so.

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ar rahman and salman bhai two music masteros of india
hope salman gets a grammy too

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