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1). Josh (6/10): This is a decent movie that nevertheless feels like it could have bene so much more. The focus on SRK is reduced in the second half and it's more towards the side characters, this made me lose interest a little. I don't think we have seen SRK in this type of role since, so it would have been nice to see him go all out one last time. Anyway, the movie otherwise does well on music, comedy and action (given 2000's standards). A movie that I have watched several times in childhood.


1). Dead to Me s2 (5.5/10): An average follow up to a decent s1. As I said last week, the issue with a lot of streaming series is that they leave too many cliffhangers and start up too many stories at the end of their first seasons, but are unable to handle it when s2 happens. This series also left a cliffhanger that it struggled to make sense of. To combat that, the writers relied too much on con-incidences, crying, and repeated characters interactions. With covid19, the next season will arrive 2 years after this one probably, and I'm not sure if I will be in the mood to continue.

2). Rick and Morty s04e08 (8/10): After a mostly underwhelming season, this episode felt a lot more like classic R&M. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it gave me confidence that the makers still know what they are doing. Comedy, a high concept sci-fi story, and both characters being awful people. All the ingredients to a good R&M episode.

Disclaimer: The idea of this post belongs to the user Ankit 007. I am just making this post because he's been inactive for a while. I will try to make a post like this every Saturday.

Content of the Week: Rick and Morty s04e08.

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LOTR franchise.

Best Trilogy in cinematic history..... End off.

Dark season 1

Season 1 done, it is interesting surely but so slow, a series like Sherlock's 1.5 hours used to go faster than Dark's 50 minutes.

I would've started season 2, but my next entry is stopping it.

FRIENDS upto almost end of Season 7

Could there BE a more fun show..??

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Malang : 3/5
A quiet place: 4/5
Klaus : 3/5

Dark: Season 2 (3.5/5) : Very very slow, got bored at times.

Malgudi Days: Season 1 (4/5): Enjoyed it, will see the next seasons too.

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Another low week.
1. Scoob: Good animation, very little nostalgia for me in overall simple and boring film. 4/10
2. Sufna: Rewatch. My experience was similar as previous rewatch with otherwise okay film lacking re-watch ability but watching it with company of relatives helped it. They liked the film. 6/10
3. Parasite: Rewatch. Nothing to add or less from my previous watch. The company, not into foreign language film, so had to push them initially, though they were fully into by the time Jessica is hired. Couch scene was bit awkward, overall they liked it. 8/10
4. Hell or High Water: The motive behind robbery was dumb in otherwise slow paced film, which gets intersting in 2nd act and again go down a bit in the end. 5/10

Movie of the Week: Parasite

1. Rick and Morty S04E08: Just in the starting of episode, was thinking that Rick has gone soft and Morty is growing up and we had this episode with Rick showing he is still the grand daddy. I watched the Morty doing time thing in morning on Twitter so that cheapened the experience during the episode but overall this was finally a good episode after 3 average episodes.

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  1. Asuran [2019 - Tamil] = 8/10 [Dhanush for National Award Best Actor. Hands down. A must watch.]
  2. Comali [2019 - Tamil] = 3/10 [I didn't get the hype, nor why it became a big Hit. All the funny stuff was limited to the trailer only. Rest all was plain careless writing. It indeed was a winning concept, someone going into coma for 16 years losing his prime teen years & coping up with it. But what the final cut of the film provides is hasty. The comedy sets get sillier & the whole unity message in the end looked way too forced. In short, this didn't work for me at all.]
  3. Gubbi Mele Brahmastra [2019 - Kannada] = 3/10 [Another dud comedy. After the initial intolerable 20mins, the comedy set pieces & casual funny lines started working. This whole spoof narrative was totally left unattended once the comedy of errors ended. That last 15mins were beyond unbearable with not even a single joke working. The last 15mins begged for Priyadarshan level of mad climax like in Hungama or Bhool Bhulaiyaa if not Hera Pheri. Instead the rushed climax fell flat & an open ending leaving a hint for part 2 might be scaring the producer till date.]
  4. Alpha [2018] = NR [Re-watch. Parents simply loved it. I know previously I rated it less but watching it with parents, watching them involved in the movie deeply was worth it.]
  5. Avengers: Infinity War [2018] = NR [Re-watch. Parents were not pleased having to keep track of it all. Reason why never even got to play End Game.]

Movie(s) of the Week = Asuran.

Still amazed by Dhanush's performance. Film is extremely violent but him portraying a 50+ father role, he thoroughly lived the character the flashback allowed him to be the young Dhanush & showcase his starry image pleasing the fans. But for the rest, from walking like an old man to that matured performance, he deserves a national award. Salute.

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I watched Asuran for the 1st time this week, I was totally blown away.


Asuran was brilliant and so was Dhanush and i totally agree with you on Comali the concept itself is a winner a 90s teenager losing 16 years of his prime time life and waking up to an almost completely new world and when i watched the trailer it was good but the movie was a huge letdown hopefully someone would make a better film on this concept in near future

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  1. Asuran (Tamil):

This is a gem of a movie. It tells how the low caste people are treated in many areas, still those people have to suffer. Dhanush is an unbelievable actor, he plays both characters of a 50 year old father and also the youngster to perfection. The story is good and the BGM is outstanding. The action scenes are superb, there's a lot of violence as well. Highly recommended. 4.5/5.

  1. Bheeshma (Telugu):

I was not much interested but this was recommended by my Telugu friend. Very fun entertainer movie with a social message as well. 3.5/5.

  1. Super Deluxe (Tamil):

Not what to say about this film. I was just awestruck watching this one. This is just another level. There are many stories shown and then at the end how they are interlinked with 3acj other. This is shown to perfection. Vijay Sethupathi this guy plays a transgender, omg who can accept such roles in today's time, he is on another level. One story is of him.who comes back to.his family after many years as a trans and how it creates many problems. One is of a group of boys who gather to watch a *** film and they find out one of the boys mother one Ramya Krishnan is there as well, her son breaks the TV and then many things take place. And one is of Fahad and Samantha where they try to dispose a dead body and how they re caught and then come out of it. This may feel like stretched and boring which it is in few parts but is a must watch. 4/5.

  1. The Expandables :

This is a kick-*** action entertainer. Very fun movie with lots of guns lol. Worth a watch for action lovers. 3.5/5.

  1. John Wick :

This falls in the same category and is nicely made one. Reeves plays the role.of.John Wick to perfection. The action scenes are shoot superbly. Lots of blood and violence is shown. Here he takes revenge where some guys stole his car and killed how dog which was gifted by his wife who is no more. This is just 1 hr 30 min and is fast paced and loaded with action. 4/5.


Still continue watching the shows like Friends, 2 Broke Girls, The Fresh Prince.

Also started watching "That 70's Show" and Panchayat from yesterday.

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Panchayat is sweet and simple
Super Deluxe was amazing and yeah Vijay sethupathi had the guts to not only take such a role but play it to perfection


Yes agree. You just have watched "96"as well. Another gem of a movie.

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