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Off topic: How's your Work from Home situation going?

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Many of us are working professionals and may have been forced to WFH by the lockdown.

I work in an IT firm and like most others who do, we have been asked to connect from home and get things done. Until now the work was not hectic so I have been able to be very active on the forum. I sleep a good 2 hours from 2 to 4 PM and work a bit. Other than not being able to storm out of house, I think it is going pretty well until now. The downside is paycut though.

It's a mixed bag. Comfort of home but at the same time the constraint of not being able to get out of home.
in Non-Bollywood by Assistant Director (53.9k points)

Didn't realise that forum has so many working people. Back when I joined in 2014, it was majority student forum, I was in 10th class, so pretty young.

Anyhow, not working yet. CA Final student, had articleship but am on leave since December and even there work load wasn't much. As for study from Home is going terrible. I have barely taken 60 classes of a subject in last 3.5 months, which I expected to complete in a month when I took them.

Dad had an accident 12-13 days ago so the last 12-13 days were mostly in hospital or with relatives in home from last 6-7 days. Will take some 2-3 classes today.

Was watching 5-10 movies a Week before accident, since that only 2 new films I guess.


aw man thats bad... hope your dad's fine

and you are very young, no wonder the questionable movie preferences

13 Answers

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So frickin incredible ( the WFH thing... Not situation)
I'm getting two hours extra every day as compared to before getting ready ... commuting to work.. two extra hours is like a dream in a machine's life (yup I'm totally a robot now thanks to the corporate world)
I don't have to dress up .or look good .. Or shave ... Lol that reminds me... just yesterday I shaved after like two months ... My beard and mustache hair was going into my mouth ... Which was irritating.. specially while eating. So yeah that's why ... had to shave'em off... My manager was laid off ... So I don't have to report to anyone on every step ... although they've kept me on because for two months I was doing 3 guy's job alone...... I like working I don't mind ... Although I might be laid off soon ... But for now it's all been going great .... Only bad thing I'm spending huge chunk of money on ordering food . because I can't cook.. Like burning away all my money ... but this trade off is worth it.
Whenever I think of office opening ... That feeling is a huge buzz kill.

by Super-star (198k points)

Hahaha i dont want to go office now... Just a dreal breaker now


Two extra hours is like a dream in a machine's life....hahahahhaaaaa....yeah corporate life makes you like that. No time for yourself. No one would want to go to office now once and when this situation ends.


Lol two extra hours... Endless possibilities .... I can sleep two hours extra .. usually it's like 4-5 hours ..I can play 8 ball pool for two extra hours .. I can watch a complete movie ... I can day dream about retiring to a remote area with unlimited food (my personal dream BTW lol) for two hours I can do anything in the world that is not productive... freedom has never felt so good.

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It's Going Great

by Location Manager (7.9k points)
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My work from home ended on May-10 & now i'm back to my working place ..

by Producer (118k points)

That is bad bro take proper care since you are going out daily


@Irdwhelp, take care man. It is not safe at all going out daily


@SSk & @Intense thanx bro's ..
Well i exhausted all my Casual leaves so no choice but to report back ..
Actually our college started from May-04 but i avoided 1 week by availing leaves ..
Yup i have to take care bcoz when i came here it was a green zone but from last few days the cases has started ..


Yeah even my area was orange zone with all corona patients recoverd and zero active cases but now its in red zone since we had 32 new cases now

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Try to make more money with other things like web development, app development, stocks etc
There are many freelancing sites.

by Producer (107k points)
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Well i have lost my job don't know permanently or temporary so no work from home for me although i am kind of enjoying these free days always wanted homidays although not kike this but still i watch 2 films daily sleep as much as i want and literally do nothing the whole day

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)
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It's not a job but an internship, but I am thankful for it as unfortunately most people in my batch (graduating this June) don't even have that.

Earlier life was turning into a nightmare. Wake up at 8am, get into Airlift (ride sharing service), by 9:00, get to office at 10:00, work until 5:30 (even though the actual work can be done in 3 hours max). Then I used to go to uni with my friend (he was also interning there), reach uni by 6:30, class until 9:30. Leave uni at exactly 9:30 (no time to hangout with friends), catch a Airlift at 10:00, reach home by 11:00-11:30. Then sleeping by 2 am and repeat.

I did not even have time to watch a 20 minute sitcom episode.

I was about to quit the internship when this lockdown happened.

The best thing is that the commute has ended. My supervisor is also pretty chill, she only asks me to update her when I've started working in the morning. But I do my work at midnight and sleep the entire morning, only waking up at 3 pm for classes. It's not an internship related to my field and I'm looking for something else, but for now it's ok.

Basically what used to be a 15 hour day (8 am to 11pm), has turned in 3 hours of work and 2 hours of classes, all from home. It's been great for me. Though I know that with graduation happening soon, depression is going to hit me.

by Editor (82.0k points)
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Trying to control eating snacks like chips, kurkure, biscuits, noodles so as to not get fat...........And failing spectacularly at it currently lol.

Sitting, sleeping, doing some work, watching movies and shows, sounds some work, eating, eating, sitting, sleeping.

No physical activity, sleep cycle completely gone crazy, getting bored despite having access to Netflix, Prime & Hotstar.

by All Time best! (269k points)

I started doing home work outs for the same reason, or else this sitting at home is maddening to say the least.


I can't get motivated for home workouts.

I could go hours playing outside or around an hour or more workout in gym but at home I'm done in 10 minutes lol.

Maybe some psychological stuff, but it is what it is. And nowdays can't even go to cycling.


Getting fat...and here i have lost around 8 kgs doing the same things..for me its a whatever i do i cant gain weight..


Even I find it very tough to motivate myself for home workouts. So far so good. Better than being fat. Gyms to khulenge nahi abhi, aur khul bhi gye to jaana safe nahi hai.

+1 vote

Not doing any work these days, on a break from work. Its torturous being at home. Dunno when will we get the opportunity to step outside safely.

by Mega Star (226k points)
+1 vote

Tennis nahi khel pa raha hu ye mere liye ek major problem hai aur mera kaam bhi abhi puri tarah se band hai bhai log.

by Casting Director (18.7k points)
+1 vote

It is definitely better than working in the office. But this month is worst for me due to over workload.

by Editor (81.7k points)
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Well it was okay for a couple of weeks but its so boring now without being able to meet the friends and colleagues. I used to hang out with friends every weekend and now there's nothing except work and sleep. Btw the network here is also not good so online streaming of movies/series has also been a bad experience. I also miss the hotties at the office. Omg!!!!!

by Super-star (189k points)
+1 vote

Personal Front - Able to spend more time with my Family....earlier used to Travel a hardly was getting or giving any quality was just me /uber/airport/plane/hotel...but now at home all the feels good!!!!!

Professional Front - apart from work to spend more time now on stocks now....been doing it before....but now concentrating more/reading books about techniques/trades etc..joined some services to know abt it more.....and I am enjoying it...thinking of doing it as my full time sometime soon!!!!

by Unit Manager (39.8k points)

And of course watching online/streaming movies in the background!!

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Still in my graduation so its not work but classes that I am suppose to attend from home. But why should I attend them online when I don't attend even use to attend when I was in campus. Moreover, they were getting conducted on ZOOM but later its was found unsafe so there are hardly any classes going on these days. So, it was like free all day untill the starting of this month. Then I joined an online course for Gate. So, now I take the lecture in the morning and study for 4-5 hours in a day. In the evening I play cricket with my younger brother and we 2 have teared/lost 15 balls since I came back home from my college. I also started playing PUBG in this lockdown and still struggling to get the control right. But, I do miss my evening practice and Sunday matches. As this was my 3rd year so only 1 year was remaining for me to play Cricket before getting into the job. So, I just hope that soon the colleges are permitted to open and I can live my final year of college at very best.

by Unit Manager (33.7k points)

So you enjoying a lot. College life is really great. But many of them after jumping into a job don't get much work-life balance.


Yes Brother I have enjoyed a lot till now though it could have been much better if Corona had not hit the world like this.


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