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Share you experience of watching SOLDIER [1998] for the very first time. 

Where did you watch this film? Theater or at home?

If you haven't watched it yet, are you planning to in near future?


I for one, watched this at home, on DD National. But it took a while to watch it fully. For years, I was allowed to watch it only till the Shark scene. Probably in 2002, I got to watch the entire movie. Honestly, I found it to be a decent watch & had no complaints. Even now, I just feel it to be a typical 90's potboiler like Mohra. 

But special mention has to go to the title track. What a chartbuster it was. Even non-Hindi people knew about this film solely due to the title song. Such was the reach. 


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Never watched it. Don't think I plan on watching it.


You can give it a try. Definitely not a bad film like it's unofficial remake Villu starring Vijay. If you watch this then you can skip rewatching Race 3. Only in terms of the final twist/flashback.

And Nikeel has already shared the songs minus this one. I rank this along with Soldier Soldier (no.1) & Mehfil Mein Baar Baar to be the best songs in the movie.

The one he missed sharing,

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I watched it on VHS in early 1999 in the UK a few months after it released in 1998. Well, videotapes were a rage and I miss the 90s technology. It wasn't the first time I saw Bobby Deol as I watched Barsaat, Kareeb, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya & Gupt before Solider.

My first experience was good and I started to become fond of Bobby Deol because here he was portrayed in large than life character as a macho guy. I watching it several times in 1999 after my first experience because I felt this film had lots of suspense, tension, characterisation and songs which were excellent. Although the plot was similar to Baazigar because of way Bobby Deol goes undercover and takes revenge but script handled well and Bobby was more hero, not negative shades.

Being a mass movie lover, I ended gaining interest in Bobby Deol as I felt he had the potential to become a star. I think this film was where he gained a fan following overseas and it was a Hit over there.

Lastly, the songs were superb which were shot in Sydney & Melbourne Australia. It brings back childhood memories from the 90s.




Theme was superb in the opening credits and BGM as well.


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I have seen it as a kid. Loved the music, Bobby started off quite well, but could not build upon his initial success.

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Bobby Deol was still going well. It was the debut of Hrithik Roshan that changed everything.

Shah Rukh Khan was anyways reigning & even he was shaken a bit. He ruled the romantic genre strongly.
Aamir Khan went on a break but Lagaan had given him enough traction.
Salman Khan still had enough goodwill & the two bad years he had was compensated for in 2003 with Tere Naam. That was the film which got Salman ready for the decade with Hrithik.
Akshay Kumar though shaky, found a firm hold in comedy genre to thrive on.
Ajay Devgn had to try harder. Went fully negative in Khakee & went to a fatherly role in Taarzan the Wonder Car. Eventually by the second half of the decade, he survived.

These were the only five that made it through.

Rest all fell apart without being able to keep up with the change.

Sunny Deol stuck to action genre, couldn't sustain.
Bobby Deol followed Sunny & failed. His attempt at comedy was a dud. And by 2004, he couldn't compete at all.
Akshaye Khanna could only find success in two comedy films but eventually went down.
Suniel Shetty went down.
Govinda is no exception. Took a hard hit on his minimum guarantee tag as his proper comedy films where he put all his hopes on flopped.

This led to the entry of new phases - Abhishek Bachchan, Tusshar Kapoor, Vivek Oberoi, Shahid Kapoor. Point is basically audience were given more options.

The trio who have to be mentioned separately are,
Big B. His second innings went to another level.
Sanjay Dutt actually made it here by daring to play Hrithik's father in Mission Kashmir (guardian / father) & Munna Bhai was it.
Saif Ali Khan got another chance with Dil Chahta Hai but it was Kal Ho Naa Ho which brought him the right kinda offers from YRF.

You could clearly see how everything changed once Hrithik entered.


@ Suhas, I hope HR does not waste away. He still has another good decade left in him, just needs to make choices and sign more movies.

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Just woww woww woww
Loved it first time only very very much
One of my all time favourite movies
Watched it more than 100 times by now
Excellent thriller and comedy
They simply dont make entertaining movies like this anymore
Abbas Mustan are a legend

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Every time when it airs on Star Gold its a much watch for me such a nostalgia..
I just loved the film back then & even now ..
Title song & Tera rang balle balle are my favourites though enjoyed all the songs..
Bobby was at his best in both Soldier & Gupt ..
I had crush on Preity only limited to this film just like Karishma for Raja Babu(my all time crush) Ameesha in KNPH, Kareena in Ajanbee, Aarti Agarwal in Nuvvo Naaku Nachav ...

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best action thriller made in bollywood

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I don;t know but somehow I was always a fan of Abbas Mustan duo...although their movies inspired from hollywood....but I always liked the way they presented their Hero/Character as Anti-Hero /Negative Shade!!!!be it Baazigar , Ajnabee , Humraaz , Aitraaz or Soldier.....
Even went for their I believe last venture - Machine ..against the reviews ......

For Soldier.....Songs were hit that time....proper mass movie with comedy , action with twist and turns.....little disappointed with the main villain/reveal...
Bobby had some good will that time...especially for/from his films released prior to Soldier......

Watched the movie first time- Paras Cinema ,Nehru Place , Delhi

Now as a trivia....who is a favorite of Abbas -Mustan?

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Maine 1998 main theater me dekha wo bhi ticket black se leker per muje movie pasand nahi aaye.

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