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Moving on, last decade saw two major disappointments from Megastar Salman Khan in the form of Tubelight & Race 3 where almost everything went wrong for the films as well as Salman Khan's image. The success of Tiger Zinda Hai in between these two duds clubbed with previous blockbusters ensured Salman to come out as no.1 for the decade alas less stronger.


Except for the fact, these two years had an EID release from Bhai, apart from this aspect there isn't much to celebrate.

But to shed light on the constructive criticism, it is worth doing that because the mistakes in these two films were not worth repeating and it is better the whole team realizes it, The no.1 spot was not a gift and it wasn't earned blindly. It was the direct result of the trust earned in a very hard way after several ups and downs. So, it is important not to take that for granted.

To speak of positives, the fans were happy for the releases and it was good to see them getting the opportunity to celebrate Bhai on screen. Tubelight atleast was the film Salman Khan believed in, he completely surrendered to the director as an actor. Sadly as a producer, he kinda pushed them to replicate Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Royally wasted Shah Rukh Khan which he thanked by royally wasting himself and Salman in Zero. Still glad, Tubelight churning one out of the most honest + dedicated performance out of Salman Khan. Plus, those two extremely important scenes. Failure aside, at these times, glad they showed the spine to talk about unity and fake patriotism, stood by the strong statement. 


The fans burst crackers inside the theater at Salman's entry. Hope this decade such behavior is not encouraged.


As far as Race 3 goes, first 3D venture too. All that hot headed commitment over a nothing project. Helping out the bunch is good, but giving them a bad film is not the way. 



Just wish Salman Khan & team, take their audience bit more seriously. The love and trust, is not something to be broken with bad work.

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ahan........I was just expecting k chalo....Anand k liye....SRK k liye shayad muft mein....esp. when Salman himself asked Anand again n again to be a part of film


@Baadshah they say they did it for free out of friendship. He definitely paid Srk for Tubelight. It is the same with Zero too. It doesn't have to be via cheque only. Some other gift per se. Salman Khan gifted that high end car to Kichcha Sudeep for acting in Dabangg 3 even after paying him his remuneration. Then Srk toh aur khaas hai.

If you go by trade talk, it was Salman who suggested Shah Rukh for Zero to Aanand na. If Salman was not happy about Aanand revealing the dwarf character to media which irked Bhai, he might have done it. But then, stuff happened, since he did believe in whatever story he was narrated, he suggested Shah Rukh's name. Ofcourse it was Katrina Meri Jaan script back then.

Don't know what all they changed once Srk entered the picture. Bascially don't know what that damn film was about. I am teeny tiny bit soft on Srk, only after watching the making. Otherwise, what the frock was Zero? If Race 3 were to keep the title of being the worst film of 2018, toh Srk & team ka kya jaata?


''when Salman himself asked Anand again n again to be a part of film''....i said this line in terms of special appearance.....as i think it was SRK who said that Salman himself contacted Zero team and asked them to have him in a song as he loved the concept of film and wanted to be a part of it etc etc

Regarding Zero Vs Race 3.......SRK always tries to stay no.1 in any race :D


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Though Tubelight as a film was highly disappointing, especially after the Salman-Kabir combo of ETT & Bajrangi, it was a welcome change to see Salman to take up a different role. I liked his performance in the film. But I guess the audience can't see Salman playing a character who isn't a "hero", or a character who is vulnerable and gets beaten up. Lack of songs and a leading heroine could have also dented it's box office performance.

The film probably could have been better if he played Sohail's character and the film turned out to be a war drama instead of him playing this character. Just a thought.

For Race 3, that was a disaster from it's trailer. Other than giving out jobs to his close friends, this film had nothing to offer. I feel Salman should let go of his super stardom and only concentrate on his acting instead of getting into other technical aspects of film making. It seemed like he directed the film and Remo had to face the brunt.

This mistake he continued in Dabangg 3 as well when he wrote the story and screenplay of the movie and decided to cast Warina for an item number. Honestly, he should learn from his mistakes he did in Race 3 and give exactly what his fans want and fully trust the director like he has done in his previous blockbusters.

Sadly, KEKD might just star his students and.. well once the trailer of that film is out we can discuss about it.

Having said this, Race 3 had a wonderful weekend despite the terrible reviews. Had it been a little better, it would have been an easy 250cr.

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Tubelight was a boring movie, the movie just dragged along but atleast Salman tried to do something different....too bad it didn't work.

Race 3 is a different matter altogether. Waste of stardom. Giving employment to unemployed actors was the only objective of the movie.

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Suhas - Celebrating Salman Khan Eid releases here are Tubelight and Race 3 in one post after making a post about Kick.

Chronology - Am i joke to you..??

I understand trying to finish with good movies.... But still.....

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Well basically audience celebrated Salman as well as his films on EID. But 2017 & 2018, they had only Salman to celebrate na.

Second, you got it right. Since I made this series restricted to last decade, took the liberty to change the chronology. Otherwise I would have saved Jaan-E-Mann to the last & this post would've been on Judwaa.


So let me predict

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

In Bajrangi Bhaijaan you will mention how lady besides you in theater had tears in her eyes, then when you looked, even more people had tears in their eyes.
You mentioned this in your review.


Na na. Not going be those words. Will stick to what the post is supposed to be, relive the celebratory mood.

For Tubelight & Race 3, you gotta keep opening up. Especially Race 3. Don't ever want to relive that again.

EID Salman Ki. Celebrating Megastar's BHARAT on 5th June 2019.
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Still I like Tubelight though feel ashamed of Race 3

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at that time Salman's last 2 Eid movies were BB and Sultan, so I thought TB was worth watching. But luckily I didn't go. Good decision that was.

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