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Guess will have to watch Justice League again. Though certain it will **** again.


If anything to go by Watchmen extended director's cut. I say bring it on.

But ofcourse I had loved Watchmen theatrical cut itself so liking the extended cuts wasn't too much of a task.

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So finally Snyder cut although i don't really think it will make a huge diff but lets see after all i heard snyder was making a completely diff Justice League film

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Could notice the slight difference. That is enough I guess.

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I feel like Batman could get raped in prison in my movie - Hack Snyder

Huge reason why DCEU is in the mess it is currently, look at movies he was involved in in major way.

And yeah, release the Snyder cut when no one cares about DCEU anymore, and release it after 4 years when The Mighty Infinity War and Mightier EndGame has wiped the face of any competition from cinematic world.

by All Time best! (269k points)

Funny you would say kids stuff when you see DCEU's biggest success and best reviewed movies were bright and colorful and in which characters had fun.


@TB it's okay would take that success. It was needed. But doesn't mean that is the vision one should hang to. Wonder Woman yes but not Shazam. Simple.

Even the new Stargirl had Marvel feel but I know for a fact, it won't end being a Marvel copy.


You said Marvel level in terms of content as if there anything DCEU have that can match most MCU movies.

And here I'm training about critical reaction..... And lastly i don't think you're gonna jump with Disney buys critics here. Cause that suits twitter or facebook arguments, not in arguments consisting common sense.


@TB well there is. Even from the comics perspective DCEU has the upperhand.

Why should I even bother about critics buying here? I've watched every single marvel movie & I have a proper opinion for each of them.

There is a reason why The Winter Soldier is rated high. And exactly the reason why much of the Marvel movies have no repeat value which includes the blockbusters. There is strictly one good Iron Man movie & one good Captain America movie. No good Spider-Man movie (so much respect for Sony's first 3). I am lenient to Thor so personally I have enjoyed all 3 but you know how much critics "loved" Thor 1 :P if I have to chip in critics.

I was dead bored watching Age of Ultron or Civil War. But was also super entertained by GOTG1 or Avengers 1. Point is, I get to choose what I like & not like.

You're quoting the trashy films of DCEU to prove your point while I am quoting the so-called best of MCEU that despite being so much praised has terrible repeat value or to say no repeat value. My argument is based on the fact that their content despite being huge at box office, aren't enough. That's all.

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What a colossal disappointment this was.

This Snyder guy was the one who messed it up.

DCEU superheroes would eat Marvel superheroes for a breakfast but no proper showcasing is what hurt them the most.

by Assistant Director (53.9k points)

We are talking about MOVIES here solely, TV shows can go to dustbin who cares.
Movie wise DCEU has beaten shit lol. You have nothing.

Critical Appreciation - Check
Commercial Success - Check
Audience response - Check

So where did DCEU beat MCU anywhere??


Where did DCEU beat Marvel?

Better characters aka better superheroes. Depth in the content. Stronger emotions. Definitely doesn't need 20 odd films to create such emotions.


Better Characters??

Where?? Batman or Superman who are absolutely 360° inverse from their cute character traits??
Suicide Squad which no one cares about?
Wonder Woman who was praised thrown into dump in JL??
Tell me who cares about looks of Flash and Cyborg?
Aquaman movie made big bucks once, how does it prove emotional connect with audience??

Depth in content lol, the fact that MOS, BVS, SS CONgress under depth of content for you end this debate, two out of them are some of the worst superhero movies ever made and your talking about characters and depth of content.

And making a series of 20+ movies isn't a joke when most franchises can't get a good 3rd part even. And unlike DCEYU, MCU is successful because of its characters. All is characters have arcs and depth, which made them enduring to audiences all over, they have known these characters, grown with them and watched them evolve.

Some nothing character like Yondu can invoke more emotions through his death scene from audiences than death scene of one of the most popular superhero Suoerman.

That right there is a difference.


I never said 20+ movies of MCU was any lesser. My point is strictly on the longevity. Even Avengers End Game worked solely because of the audience love for the characters & the very fact of the makers so ably pulling that kind of the finale. Respect to that but otherwise, it's just not that easy a film to sit through for multiple watch. Infinity War one might but not EndGame.

Without audience caring Batman v Superman didn't get that sort of buzz. If they did not care why would they get disappointed?

You don't follow, your choice. Suicide Squad, every single character has been familiar among the fan bases,the sole reason why despite the bad reviews chipping in, people dropped in to check it out themselves. BvS end scene just at the mention of Death Stroke matters because the very character does. Irrespective of the comics version or the Arrowverse version, that character has aged perfectly to stir an expectation.

When did The Flash ever lose excitement among audience? Don't talk like those twitter ones after judging me wronlgy.

Cyborg too. Not my problem if you do not follow DCEU. Titans & Doom Patrol have taken the content, the quirkiness, the craziness to be specific to another level altogether.

There is no point banging heads on who the better superheroes are. See where the most originated from. It's a done & dusted topic. Let MCU come up with a proper character rather giving a glimpse of it then we will see. Giving one cute baby groot or an annoying teen groot & say hey we made people fall in love with Groot is not the same. In terms of characters, MCU gave up long before they backed the Avengers. Beyond that was typical Hollywood stuff & nothing much. Heck, they even messed up the characterization of their own Avengers. Bruce Banner wasn't the same & good for them EndGame happened to give him some traction. They entirely gave up on Cap's character arc since Civil War. The list goes on while DCEU provides a stronger character arcs to their superheroes even in the films that bombed.

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Found the first one pathetic. Not much hope here too either.

by Mega Star (226k points)
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there are more superheroes than normal americans

by Art Director (2.9k points)
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i feel like puking up even on the mention of these superhero movies (puke)

by Location Manager (7.9k points)

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