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Bollywood has been hit hard by the outbreak of the coronavirus just like all other industries. Cinemas are shut across the country as the number of Covid-19 cases in India continue to rise with each passing day. According to a report in a leading daily, Akshay Kumar is going to be the most affected star in Bollywood due to the lockdown as he has seven films in various stages of production in the pipeline

Akshay Kumar's Sooryavanshi directed by Rohit Shetty, which is the most awaited film of the year was going to release on 24th March but had got postponed due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. However, it will be among the first few major films to release in theatres once things return to normal. Akshay’s next with Kiara Advani, Laxmmi Bomb was set to hit the screens on Eid this year. Now, the filmmakers are now going to release the film online. The actor’s periodic drama Prithiviraj which was going to release on Diwali this year has been pushed indefinitely. Akshay was to start shooting for Anand L Rai’s film Atrangi Re in April, however, the shooting of that film too has been put on hold.  Spy thriller Bell Bottom was planned to be shot in various locations abroad, but due to the current situation all the plans have been cancelled and the film has been postponed to next year. 

According to a source, Akshay is not going to start shooting any time before October 2020. But he will ensure that he wraps up the projects at the ear


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yaar if a niche GS got 75 cr from ott then how will sooryavanshi will get only 130 ?


Pay per view would be a better option than ott release I guess.

I haven't thought this thru but at least fans like us would buy the movie. Baki toh indians are not the ones to pay digital stuff. They would just use share it and get the movie.


@Mumbaijumbo, doesn't work that way, OTT/Home video doesn't have a big platform in India.
People will watch it through telegram or *** versions.
They are already going through losses it's not long time they'll leave India with Bollywood looting them like Corporate houses.
OTT has no reach, it's long time process, they're buying Indian movie in exorbitant prices but it won't be late before West shut the door.
Actually no movie deserve 150cr Single version, market isn't there even they won't recover that 130-40 but it's a good practice for long term.


okay ...............

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Akshay's punctuality should be followed by everyone..even the younger stars take too much time for 1 movie..and taking 100 days to shoot a movie is absurd..period films require that time but not all the other films..and now akshay has 3/4 different movies every year though all of them might not be good films. He had 2 big films this year..and sooryavanshi is a sureshot blockbuster..but I think most affected will be aamir as LSC will release in 2021.. He should really do more films already he's 55 now.

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Kakarot, I've made a post on the same. Aamir will be hugely affected. 3 years without a release. Imagine the expectations LSC carries

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Megastar akshay kumar bwahahhahahaha

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even by both of your one sided and manipulated comparisons which is forte of salman fans anyway , akshay still has more good years than salman's 6 good years post 2010

hahahaha case closed


when will akki cross 70 cr weekend lol

its 2020 already with 4 movies a year he has not done this

Others did it in
Aamir 2013
SRK 2013
Salman 2014
Ajay 2014
Ranbir 2018
HR 2019

counter this :D


@intense HR took awful lot of time but what can you do, 1 movie in 2 years :D


That's his way of working @Seinfeld. We fans complain but cant help it. He could have had it sooner though. But better late than never

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Is chindi star jo chindi hits deta hai usko megastar mat bol.

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Aamir fans are mostly educated and working class they don't have time to do useless things like online polling. They go to theatres to watch their idol. While srk fans are jobless.


lol aamir ko stardom aur fan following to mili nhi ab tak akshay and other 2 khans ke saamne aamir is non existent
plus 12 hits in 30 years ranking below mithun/rishi kuch to shaaram kar lo


Aamir top 5 hits ffs is more than 25 hits of b grade star mithun. Big grossers decide actors reach into masses. While rishi only big hit was Bobby baki sab Amitabh ke chalte.


o bhai everyone below top 10 actors list by boi is tier 2 like aamir anil sunny
mithun gave many hits and rishi too

amir has literally 12 hits which akshay gives in 2/3 years only
akshay is giving 200 cr on non festive release khans are not even crossing 140

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Get ready for an OTT release for Suryavanshi.

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naah lb will be ott SV will not be , anyway who will pay 240-250 cr for ott in india


What makes you think they will pay that much?
There may come a time bollywood will just get whatever money they are getting and get it over with. Fans ego aside, its their money and investment and they will want at least something out of it.

No one knows when we'll be able to again get back to normalcy. I don't really care about movies now, I just want my normal life back.


then why will producers incur loss too


Because they have no other way, they are the ones who are helpless

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A lot of potential 85-150 crore grossers have been hold back.Disappointed.

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abe to dafa ho na kaun baat kar raha hai tere se
fir bhi 193 hai sallu 125 (rofl)


lol 4 hit in 21 years..14 disaster aur 49 flops. kis angle se megastar lagta hai be ye akki?(dance)


nahi hamara sallu hai megastar with 1/2 solo hits in a decade so what he was a flop actor till 2010 and again from 2017 onwards


Jiska abta ka career hi multi starrer par tika ho ..
Biggest hit of Akki with 2.15cr footfalls a mutli starrer
MM - Vidya was in lead with other 3 womens ..
H4 - A mulitistarrer
Even Shahid kapoor has 3 Blockbusters (Vivah, Padmavat & Kabir singh) >>>
Akki with 2 Blockbusters in 28 yrs long career as tier 3 star .. Rip

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Akshay Kumar Is Only Megastar (according To You only nobody believe you) in the history of bollywood which last bumper opener coming before 12 hrs. Sad....:x

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ajkal to 2010 stars ko bhi megastar bol dete hai akki to 2 decades se consistent hai fir bhi
aur tiger ne bhi to partial holiday par bumper de di thi


Yes Akki consistently 2 decade given flops and disaster. I agree.


sallu jaisa side actor to nhi tha na akki par


lol 2 decade se consistent.. tere akki has 4 hit 14 disaster and 49 flops in 2 decade..(dance)

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what about ZETTA stars like hrithik and YOTTA stars like aamir and salman?

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are haan bhai main bhi salman fan hi hu dont worry (facepalm)


@Sanjiva Soon you'll see two downvotes, one from Saraansh and second from mumbo jumbo :D


Lol. I give up. Not sure why I even bothered to reply here.

So guys, Saaransh is absolutely right. My name is Sanjeeva. I am a die hard Salman Fan! And I infiltrate forums posing as an Akshay fan just to stop people from trolling my idol. While in reality, i am the one who trolls Akshay the post on twitter! The cats out of the bag, so no point hiding it -_-

You're a genius Saaransh. Keep up this great detective work


How could you guys go for such a long time? Lol...funny when akki fans talk about footfalls..also no point arguing when he isnt interested with real facts. All his 69 comments are same...that sallu is a 2010 born star and akshay is a megastar.

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it will be a gross injustice to akshay if SV gets a ott release

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Good for audience, they won't need to spend on costly tickets and expensive eatables.

All current Bollywood films should be released on OTT, is not they are must watch in theaters movies like Hollywood anyway.

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tickets to fir bhi theek hai 250 ki cold drink 150 ke samosa :|


Popcorn 350 :D :D

And this is in smaller centers, imagine the situation in Metros and bigger centers.

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