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Adding to the list of "characters" Salman Khan immortalised, 2014 saw Blockbuster KICK being the entrant. The idea was clear is pandering to the larger than life image. 

The beauty of writing a character to Salman last decade was the attempt in making each character leave a mark like that of Amitabh in the 70s-80s. While the likes of Chulbul Pandey became iconic like a Prem, the rest like Radhe found their very place in the history of bollywood, be it Veer in Veer, Lovely Singh in Bodyguard, Tiger in Ek Tha Tiger / Tiger Zinda Hai, Devil in Kick. The second half of last decade took a different turn, which will get back to later. 

KICK was the costliest Megastar film at that time. The most glossier looking. Kick being on the pre-production for the longest period owing to Salman Khan's date issues, Shirish Kunder who was to direct the film eventually being replaced, turned out to be Sajid Nadiadwala's debut film as director.

KICK was a special EID release as in 2013 there was no Salman Khan releases. With his raise to megastardom, he had seen the first underperformer with Jai Ho & it was KICK that took the mantle to unleash his madness on screen & at the box office again, reaffirming his no.1 status. 

While Jai Ho didn't fully bring out the Salman Khan glory, Kick did the job perfectly. The celebrations were unanimous across the nation. The beloved Bhai stormed the nation with the perfect entertainer. 






KICK official trailer - the most enjoyed trailer of Salman Khan starrers at that time. Just the craze this had created. 


Personally, Kick was something else. I had spent an entire day watching Kick trailer on loop. Clearly remember it was my MBA days & we were due to present our business plan. With all the tension, Kick trailer was released & what a major stress buster it was. 

And then it was an experience by itself of watching it 4 times on the big screen & every single time, the shows were housefull. 




Video Songs (in the order they appeared) -






The special ones -



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The film which felt so small at time, it literally was the 3rd biggest film of 2014 before HNY mishap.

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This was the first Salman Khan film I watched in the theatres. Yes, I hadn't watched any film of his in the theatres before this one cos I was still in school lol.

2nd day, pre-Eid, Housefull theatre in a multiplex screen. And I legit couldn't differentiate if the whistling during his entry sequence was from the movie or from the crowd. The first time I felt something like this and the hype was real. It was a fun action entertainer, chart buster music, great chemistry between the lead pair and then Nawaz lit up the screen in the 2nd half.

The film which grossed a 80cr weekend, pre-Eid.

Still watch it sometimes when it comes on Star Gold. Too much fun! ;)

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Loved it.
Still love it. Emtional scenes, action scenes, Nawaz, the kid, the fater-son chemistry everything was on point.

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I saw this movie thrice. Twice in theatres. (Once in the UK with family, once with a friend when I came to India) and then on a flight 2 years back. One of my favourite entertainers of SK from that period. Nawaz was the icing on the cake with that menacing laugh.

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Still remember the craze jai ho was a big let down but then again kick was a perfect eidi

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The movie which gave a double Kick because of Jai Ho disappointment

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Ah, the movie that bought the historic change in Bollywood.
Drumrolls...................... The Pre Eid Effect
One of the greatest excuses ever for less than stellar Box Office haul.

Aside from that, decent entertaner, best of Salman Khan along with Dabangg till July 2015.

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saw in delhi , did not liked it much ready and BG were better

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or dare i say i enjoyed race 3 more to be honest :(

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decent enough but ending was not upto the mark.

the whole LOSER thing being a code word for something else was ridiculous.

last but not least, ghareebon ka Tony Stark :D

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Loser code was as it is from Telugu version.

Though ending seemed rushed, thankfully they didn't follow the Telugu version. There he robs the party election fund with the cop sitting next to him in the car. It was changed to Randeep waiting in his car outside Salman's house rather than him forcefully sitting in Salman's car & challenging him to rob with him sitting next throughout. Even the Telugu version ending was pretty rushed.

What they changed mainly was second half comedy scenes & basically removing Brahmanandam's character entirely. The Tamil & Kannada remakes were loyal to Telugu version from first scene to last.

Though l did enjoy Brahmi's comedy in Telugu, good the homophobic jokes weren't inserted in the Hindi version.

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Aamir and Salman are lions of Bollywood who gives big hits. Rest all are deer's giving chindi hits.

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ya we saw that with dabangg 3 race 3 thugs tubelight ss tubelight lol

since 2017 akki 4 superhits whereas khans
SRK 0 hits Salman 0 hits Aamir 0 hits


thats why when both lions came together they gave a huge flop even with good wom haha

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