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EID Salman Ki. Celebrating Megastar's Ek Tha Tiger on 15th August 2012.

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Continuing with Bhai Ki EID series, enters EK THA TIGER. Another historic blockbuster at the box office. Megastar Salman Khan's first collaboration with the mighty Yash Raj Films (YRF), 24 years into his career. Also the first collaboration with Kabir Khan & ofcourse story by Aditya Chopra. 

The unprecedented craze this film had right from it's teaser was one of it's kind. Salman Khan had comfortably owned the no.1 tag.

Ironically, Ek Tha Tiger was not announced for EID. It was scheduled to release on 1st June 2012. 

Yash Raj Films romantic-thriller "EK THA TIGER" goes on floor end July and is slated for a 1st June 2012 release.

As Aamir Khan requested Salman Khan to postpone the date since he wanted to release Talaash on 1st June 2012, both Salman Khan & Aditya Chopra agreed to postpone Ek Tha Tiger to EID 2012, eventually releasing on 15th August 2012 to have an extended week. 

Owing to close relationship and mutual respect they share with one another, both Aditya and Salman were happy to oblige and shift the release to Eid, A Yash Raj Films (YRF) statement issued here said.

Talaash too got postponed again, not making it to the scheduled slot. 

Anyways, the day Ek Tha Tiger released was nothing short historic in terms of audience reception of Megastar Salman Khan. After Prem, Radhe, Chulbul Pandey even Tiger became synonymous with Salman Khan.

Official Teaser -

Official Trailer -


Video Songs (in order of appearance in the movie) -


Ek Tha Tiger Mania all over -


Audience response -


The Craze for Bhai -

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It feels so right to see/read the Megastar label with the name Salman Khan, feels natural and organic.


Most hyped Movie of this decade


The entry scene of Salman was a whole new level........

Plus there was a bonus for SRK fans too,

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Yeah here comes the big daddy.
This was the most hyped Bollywood movie of this decade. I have never seen so much craze for any Bollywood movie ever, Salman+YRF for the first time in a Grand Action movie, Salman+Kat hit pair after their breakup created unparalleled craze
It's Teaser was unanimously praised and Music album was chartbuster that led to crazy audience reception.
There were huge chaos with police being called in a theater near my hostel.
It had a huge potential as the concept had huge potential and too much to discover, it started well but it turned out to be a romantic movie rather than Spy Action thriller what it promised to be.
It had All time highest opening day/weekend/week thanks to the unprecedented buzz by virtue of which it managed Bollywood's biggest grosser tag (Share wise).

by Executive Producer (66.4k points)
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EID Salman Ki. Celebrating Megastar's KICK on 25th July 2014.
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Highest opening day
Highest opening weekend
Highest first week
2nd highest grosser of all time
Chartbuster music
First movie to hit 100cr distributor share
Cemented Megastar as the undisputed number 1 of India
Still has the highest first day occupancy

Gave Hindi cinema an iconic character that would again set the BO on fire in 2017 with almost identical records with the first part
Watched it first day first show. Watched in thrice in theatres.

by Assistant Director (53.9k points)
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Stardom at the peak when you see audience celebrating, reminded me of Kuch Kuch Hota Hain entry scene which was the peak before it

by Producer (113k points)
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This movie disappointed me big time. The first half was wonderfully set up only to be messed up by the love story in the second half. The sequel corrected that mistake though.

by Mega Star (225k points)
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other fan bases talk about whole career salman fans ki gaadi 2010 se 2017 me hi ghuumti rehti hai
but but you cant blame them too for that

by Location Scout (3.5k points)

hope you had written two lines then also when other stars were spoken about like how you wrote two paragraph now
i dont want to go through nor even read somone's thesis esp those of biased mods


Speak for yourself saaransh. Your first day on the forum started with shit like Salman is a 2010 born star and whatever other crap you came up with. You went on with it repeatedly and provoked others to bash Akshay.

I had warned you atleast thrice that this is a movie forum, troll, have fun, but within limits keeping in mind that if you don't respect other stars, you will get the same treatment back. If you're a genuine fan, celebrate him but learn to respect others too instead of spamming kiddish stuff on all posts. This is not Twitter, you want to do all this, go there and trend this crap there. Mods and admins can only remind/warn you. Ultimately it's your choice how you wish to contribute here.


yaa i agree i am the only one fighting over here other users here behave like a saint


Nope. Others are also being warned. There is equality for all and mods and admins see to it. Sandeep is the lone Akki fan. Sss D and Nikeel arent always that active. In fact, it's good if you contribute positively so that we have fans for all fan bases around here.

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