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Continuing the EID special post. The 2nd grand EID release of Megastar Salman Khan last decade, BODYGUARD. The movie that unleashed the megastardom of Salman Khan nationwide as well as overseas. 

This was the film that showcased that his films are critic-proof. The negative reviews had the least effect on the hype & mass hysteria the Megastar had created for the film. 

And no other film date have I ever witnessed the level of madness audience showed in the theater for this film. The first 30mins of the movie I had to watch without able to hear a single dialogue or even lyrics of the song, 30mins of non-stop cheering. A phenomenon that never got repeated even for other Salman Khan starrers, even the better ones. 

Bodyguard - an average film that led me to witness once in a lifetime experience. An actor, to be specific, a non-South Indian demigod, being celebrated in Mysore, Karnataka. 


Bodyguard Lovely Singh Mania all over -





Trailer -



Video Songs -






First Day First Show -




Bodyguard was among the very few first films to have early morning news channel debate /reporting on the record breaking opening day collection. 

The Rajeev Masand - Atul Agnihotri argument on the next day on CNN-IBN was too fun considering I watched it live back then. 


Full Movie to stream on Disney+ Hotstar :


Source Link: https://boxofficeindia.com/movie.php?movieid=26
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Yeah that was probably peak because post RAONE and Don 2 & then ETT, Salman was way ahead with usual taunt of not crossing Ready but then CE happened followed by Jai Ho, SRKians were back on top, with Kick & HNY neutralising again.

Then Dilwale happened, it still was somewhat respectable as PRDP wasn't too big either but FAN flopped & Raees postponed, that killed SRKians, to never rebound. JHMS didn't help either, Zero was last nail in the coffin.


Ah not crossing Ready taunts. That was replaced by Akki not crossing RR once Srk started slipping down.

From the first forum to this... And that too for an entire year users here kept on using it again & again without getting bored.


Lol 26 cr day two of Ra.one.

It was 22.8 cr against 21.1 cr of Bodyguard.


The official number was ₹25.6cr, that's what public knew. BOI reach was limited to trade buffs.

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Back then i liked the movie & found it better than Vijay's version ..
Songs were good & can be enjoyed till now ..
Yes it had bigger mass hysteria than Dabangg, Kick, BB to be specific from his Eid releases only behind Sultan & ETT ...

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Amongst all his years of dominance, 2010-2012 period is on a new level altogether. Even a crap film back then would work due to Salman's presence in it. BG was a good one time watch for me, the fight scenes at the end were really good,


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A really bad movie with good songs. Last 20 minutes elevated the movie.

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A crap movie like this getting 2.3 cr + footfalls just showed his stardom. Great songs, decent action sequences back then and the goodwill of Dabangg + Eid + Salman's stardom made it the 2nd highest grossing film back then.

I'm not a fan of Salman, but this film really proved the pull he has on the crowd, and credit has to be given for this. If Dabangg started the Eid trend, this film continued the momentum up until Eid 2016.

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Ahh I was at my village during it's release, I still remember all my high school friends travelled 60KM to just watch the movie bunking classes , there was no advance booking options so they travelled all day from place to place and managed the tickets anyhow. Such was the craze.
I missed the movie as my relative passed away.
Teri meri was such a huge chartbuster, everyone used to croon that song even watching it's DVD was a big event for my family because at that time all my family members except my mom were mad for Salman.
Movie was not upto expectations, but the love track in last 30mins worked beautifully, i liked that part very much which made it an average affair.
I still remember it's hysteria which was never seen before for any Salman starrer till then even till now only ETT had buzz anywhere closer to it.

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