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May 17th - May 24th, each post will celebrate Bhai's EID releases of the last decade & the wholesome experience + entertainment these provided in theaters. The dream run at the box office that brought back the memories of box office glory Amitabh Bachchan had enjoyed in the 80s. The dream run that brought back audience into theaters, hope back to the exhibitors & distributors, reserved a special page in the name of Megastar Salman Khan in the history of bollywood. 

10th September 2010 - DABANGG

The birth of Chulbul Pandey - one of the wildest, greatest character written in the history of bollywood. 

Be it the sharp dialogues, the quirkiness, the cheesiness, the action, the drama & ofcourse going back to the roots in presenting the quintessential Bollywood hero, man of the masses... Dabangg was a complete package.

The film that broke the myth of multiplexes. The film that listened to the voice of the  of people of Heartland of India. This was the film that single handedly revived most of the single screens across the nation. 

Dabangg was the special movie that brought back the "chillar appreciation" culture. The once great tradition North Indian cinema viewers created back in the day of throwing their hard earned money (chillars + sometimes notes) on to the screen in the form of appreciation. It was Dabangg in 2010 that brought back this culture. 

“Dabangg” settles the debate once and for all. The film rides on the raw appeal of Salman Khan and has nothing else on offer. Whether he is raising one eyebrow to demonstrate myriad expressions ranging from romance to ridicule or bursting into an impromptu jig in the middle of a brutal fight scene or serenading his lady love like a roadside Romeo, the sheer energy of his performance manages to hook you regardless of your background. It doesn't take long for you to realise what this mindless mayhem of a movie offers to the appreciative audience is another Rajnikant. And anyone who believes the appeal of Rajnikant is restricted to a particular class is being foolish. You don't need a Japanese to tell you otherwise. - The Hindu

Its heart is strong, and if you want the exact pulse of millions of India's film-going masses you'll just have to locate it around Salman Khan's thrusting groin. I say that because there's a peculiar new dance move he does in one of 'Dabangg"'s several great song sequences.  - Travel-CNN

These were moments worthy enough to be recorded actually. Yes, it was pretty much on the cards that there would be a huge response to Salman, his one liners and his punches. But this huge? It seemed like the Rajnikanth phenomenon. Do anything and audience will love you. Don't have any story and audience still won't mind as long as there is one item sequence packed after another. Salman did the same and audience approved. He removes his shades; the crowd roars. He wears them back, they roar again. Chalo good hai; this is what I wanted to experience! - Reliving Dabangg in a single screen. A Chronicle!

And where else have you come across a film with so many punch dialogues in a massy affair!

  1. Hum tum mein itne chhed kardege ki confuse ho jaoge, ki saans kaha se le aur paadein kahaan se. 
  2. Hum yaahan ke Robin Hood hai, Robin Hood Pandey. 
  3. There is always a first time. Always a next time. 
  4. Abhi tak sabko nehalaya hai, abhi sabko dhounga. 
  5. Humara naam hamara personality ko shobha deta hai. 
  6. Haraamzaade se yaad aaya Chaubey ji, aap ke aadarniya pitashri aaj kal kaise hai?
  7. Policewale ko thokne ka anjaam pata hai? Ikki saal jail aur thukai alag se. Aur agar policewale ne agar tumhe thoka, toh promotion alag se aur bahaduri ka medal bhi. 
  8. Motewale uss taraf. Patlewale iss taraf. Aur fit waale mere peeche. 
  9. Kamini se yaad aaya Tiwari ji, bhabhiji kaisi hai?
  10. Darte toh hum apne baap se bhi nahin hai. 
  11. Bharosa bhi hai, himmat bhi hai aur taqat bhi. Aur paagalpan... hadh se zyada. 
  12. Thappad se darr nahi lagta saab. Pyaar se lagta hai. 
  13. Jungle mein sher ki ginti bahut kam aur shikhari bahut zyada hai. Zor se dahadhna nahi, chamdi bhi udhal sakti hai. 
  14. Bhaiyyaji smile. 
  15. Kamaal karte ho Pandeyji. Hum thodi na good boy hai ki aap humare muh pe thook ke chale jaayein aur hum dhoke chale jaayein. 
  16. Between two legs.. itne dande maarenge ki bajne laayak rahoge na bajaane ke.
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Theaters came back alive
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Highest first day
Highest first weekend
Highest first week
Declared an ATBB at the time of release
2nd Highest grosser of all time
Had one of the biggest chartbusters of modern times
Won the national award
Started a trend of macho police man (many copied)
Salman walked away with all the credit

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Akki in his lifetime till now could not able to create a mass hysteria like this ..
2 chindi blockbusters in 28 yrs & deserves the tag of tier 3 star ..


better than a tag of supporting actor for 2 decades


Akki was supporting actor to ..
1) Ajay in Suhaag
2) Suniel shetty in Mohra
3) Naseeruddin shah in Laho ke do rang
4) Sanjay dutt in Amanat
5) Srk in DTPH
6) Salman in MSK
7) Salaman in Jaanemann
8) Bobby deol in Ajanbee
9) Arjun rampal in Aankhen
10) Shahid kapoor in Deewane huye pagal
11) Vidya balan in Mission mangal
12) Rajnikanth in 2.0
13) Suniel shetty & Paresh rawal in Hera pheri series
14) Riteish in Housefull series ..
15) Sunny deol & Arman kohli in Jaanidushman
16) Ajay devgn in Insan
17) Bobby in Dosti
18) Fardeen & Riteish in Hey baby
19) John abraham in Garam masala
20) Diljit in Good news
21) Saif in Yeh dillagi
22) Saif in MKTA
Ab aur nahi likha jata iss tier 3 star ke chindi facts ko .. Lol

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It turned around things for Salman and Bollywood big time. Almost very movie after this was a cop centric. I remember watching Dabangg on a packed house in the night show. Massive crowd and mahn.....the cheering when SK came on screen....was something else.

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2010-2012 dream phase any fan can ask for
Craze for Salman during this phase was something else even his revital ad during interval used to garner huge cheers.
Our generation will never witness such craze ever again.
No body cared for the content all they did was celebrate the Phenomenon Salman Khan.
Rajinikanth of Bollywood truly said and Dabangg started it all
It was a trend setter for all cop movies there after.

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well when this movie released it got great reviews
and that made me go and watch it
but i ended up way disappointed, i thought it would be some cool edgy thriller type of movie and that was the day i realized what massy films were and they were not just for me

by Casting Director (16.6k points)

really? a movie with munni badnaam song and a UP ka gaaon setting, and you expected an edgy thriller :D


i mean i just saw the posters and all and thought that song is just an item number
the story would be more edgy
anyway i was very happy for salman too that time as he got such a big hit after a long time
and was not competing with srk until then so it was fine for me


Fails to troll Salman for the nth time in his life duniya ke sare idiots ek taraf aur yeh banda ek taraf teri biopic RGV ko bnani chaiye The Greatest Idiot


well thats just what i thought pre release
you can take it however you want

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