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1). Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 (7.25/10): A good conclusion to the series, but I never really felt the excitement. Can't believe that so much of the final movie was still Harry just running around looking for a horcrux. It does get exciting after Snape's death, but a lot of stuff isn't explained and you kind of have to know about the books to really enjoy it. But I am glad that I finally saw all the HP movies together. I want WB to make an HP TV series for HBO Max. now that would really be something else, and it would cover everything from the books. But that's a pipedream I guess.

2. Tom and Jerry: Fast and the Furry (7.5/10):  I never liked Tom and Jerry movies, but I feel like this one is closest to the spirit of the shorts. I found it after a long time and I really enjoyed it. Just what I needed - more T&J antics. Other characters were pretty funny as well. It made me want to revisit old T&J episodes.


1). Upload (8/10): Now this is just what I needed. A breath of fresh air. Something new and original. From the showrunner of The Office comes this comedy/drama/romance/satire/murder mystery. Once I started this show I could hardly stop before finishing it. It's kind of like a sitcom but with very good production values, a  strong romance, social commentary and a murder mystery running in the background. It strikes nearly a perfect tone. The main characters are endearing in their own way and the actors do a good job. Robie Amell specially surprised me with his charismatic presence. My biggest complain would be that the final episode starts up too many storylines, and those might be hard to remember by the time s2 comes. I feel like a lot of streaming shows do that, they leave too many cliffhangers at the end of their first season, but are unable to follow up well in the next season. Very few streaming shows have avoided it, I hope this one does as well. Anyway, this show is highly recommended.

2) Run: I compared this show to JHMS early in it's run, but now it feels more like a Coen brothers movie in terms of regular people being sucked into a world of crime by accident and they don't know how to deal with it. This show is not great, not bad, but I feel like the story just isn't progressing fast enough. With just 2 episodes left I'll finish this season, but probably won't be back for s2.

Disclaimer: The idea of this post belongs to the user Ankit 007. I am just making this post because he's been inactive for a while. I will try to make a post like this every Saturday.

Content of the Week: Upload.

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Bhool Bhulaiyaa: 2.5/5
Triple frontier: 3/5
Dark: 4/5
Bodyguard: 3.5/5

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Was busy throughout week with real life. Watched nothing except Angrezi Medium 1st half with parents, which is extremely rare, they were enjoying it and so did I.

After a long long time, didn't watch any film/show in whole week.

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  1. 118 [2019 - Telugu] = 4/10 [Over hyped thriller. Two decades ago or low budget films, will opt for the aatma of the girl reaching out to hero for justice. Instead here we get to see lucid dreaming concept bombarded upon us. Not to say, film was bad entirely. The suspense worked in parts but the issue chosen is very serious to be ended so easily. More than the logic, by the 3rd act the film has lost all it's charm due to routine narration.]
  2. Marali Manege [2017 - Kannada] = 4/10 [Strong performances aside, the film is clearly three decades late. Blame the direction & music which took the movie back to the 80s - 90s. If the treatment was more crisp, this could have been something else. The mother-son relationship is so beautiful written & executed, only to have the overall 80s-90s feel ruin it. Needs extreme patience to sit through this one going by today's generation mindset. Otherwise, hats off to one of the best performance by Shruthi. Pointless but glad to see Gauri Lankesh in a special appearance.]
  3. IT [2017] = NR [Simply adore this gem of a film, will keep recommending it. Re-watch.]
  4. Mahanati [2018 - Telugu] = NR [Rewatching after an year. Still melted my heart. What a movie!]
    Yet another week with me not getting back to Breaking Bad episode. Much of it was work pressure.
    Movie(s) of the week = Mahanati & IT.

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@Suhas, have you seen It chapter 2 ? I found the first part way better. The 2nd was over long and really tested my patience.


Yes in theater itself on IMAX.

Second part was not upto the mark & was extremely crazy. But I had watched IT (1990) version so I was pretty much aware of what I was getting into. What I didn't like about chapter 2 was the jump scares being repeated owing to the lengthy runtime, making the film more predictable. Otherwise I am glad to catch it in the theater. With the stong casting they had, expected a lot more.

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