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                                 Happy Birthday to Madhuri Dixit

She's a superb actress and very versatile with a pretty face. It was a struggle from the start with Flops but she became a star overnight with Tezaab which emerged a Blockbuster. Her was stardom was huge from 1988-1997 with 10 Blockbusters including ATBB, 5 HGOTY, 1 HGOTD and Bumper Openers.

I consider her my all-time favourite actress and I don't think any heroine will ever have the same success like her. That's why she's the last remaining female superstar.

Once again Happy Birthday and may she give more successful movies including another Blockbuster.

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Favourite songs


Ek Do Teen -- Tezaab


Tamma Tamma Loge -- Thanedaar


Dekha Hai Pehli Baar -- Saajan


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The biggest female superstar in her prime from late 80s to mid 90s she
was the main leading star of the movie , sabko muft ki blockbusters mili thi uske kaaranI mid 90s tak

She dominated Aamir in Dil, Anil in Beta, Sanju+ Sallu in Saajan, Salman in HAHK and then Her phase between 1988-1995 was a GOAT female star phase.Also she got the most credit for HAHK Beta Raja Saajan (courtsey Bollywood analyst answer)

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Karan johar aditya chopra farah khan ye sab naye director the jo srk ke vajh se bade hui hai srk ko inhone bada nahi kiya agar amir ka khandan industry main nahi hota to amir aai la bolkar kahi baitha hota self made superstar hai srk worldwide icon hai jitne log srk ko jante hai na unmese 10% bhi amir ko nahi janta hoga comedian


are dont fight under my answer let me end it

srk is retired now no hits in 5/6 years
and aamir lol 12-13 hits in 30 years
its good that BOI kicked him outta top 10 biggest stars officially
aamir should not be called a superstar when he does not has any fan following and stardom

now stop fighting below my answer go somewhere else


Abe papitte Raja k baad madhuri ki sirf 4 successful rahi hai aur sari srk k sath baki sab flop thi....koyla, dtph, hths aur devdas....lekin raja k baad srk ka recod dekh.....aur anjam se pahle bhi srk ne bazigar darr, khkn jaisi hi fime de thi wohi madhuri ne sangeet aanso bane angaray jaisi flopfilme di thi...haan yeh sahi salman aur aami ko madhuri ne khaya tha dil ay hahk me...kyu ki dil aur hahk se pahle do ki filme flop ho rahi thi..neither opening no life tiime....

@intense do watch anjaam it was very underrated performance of srk due to failure of movie and hide under succes of bazigar and darr...I liked vijay agnihotri of anjam more than bazigar and darr but director has killed his charcter in second half....


Abe lichi Aamir itna bada star hai ki uski flop film bhi aajkal 137cr kamati hai aur srk ki flop 65cr se 80cr.keep living in past. Waise Aamir ne srkay ki so called best phase me usko aukad dikha diya tha in 2005 when paheli and mp released.

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she was a all rounder and one of the greats of hindi cinema.

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Well i don't like her much. It's hard to pinpoint why. Though I did find her sexy in Raja.
Maybe it has to with HAHK. Though it's Salman's biggest blockbuster, I could never really like it the way I like HSSH.

Anyway she has more blockbusters than many of the stars. She gave Akki his highest grosser in DTPH. Must be lucky to be associated with a real blockbuster once in life!

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Excellent actress, amazing dancer. And such a beautiful woman. Indeed the last female superstar.

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Queen of Bollywood Etheral beauty and the biggest female superstar ever also my favourite actress of all time

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Wish she had another hit with any non star male actor other than Raja

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Yah she is the last female superstar I think she is no 1from 1990 to till 97 because sridevi last big hit film was chandni 89 after that her films flopped badly like lamhe 91 khuda gawah 92 ropi ki rani 93 so she is nowhere to compete Madhuri in 90s ha she is no 1 in 80s no doubt about. Juhi somehow comes near Madhuri in 93 like films aaina, hhrpk, lootere, darr all films successful but in 94 all changes towards Madhuri with hakhk 94

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@Nikeel have you seen Tridev & Ram Lakhan ?
As for as i have seen in Tridev Madhuri had the least important role of Sunny's love interest & she was hardly there is a few scenes on the other hand the other two actresses Sonam & Sangeeta both had much more important roles & more screen time but it was all about the three males Sunny, Jackie & Naseer's show aka Tridev..
Same was the case of Ram Lakhan other than playing the love interest of Anil she was not the centre of attraction it was all about Anil & Jackie aka Ram Lakhan & even Rakhi as mother had more screen time & important role ..
But she had rise to fame with movies like Tezaab, Beta, Dil & Saajan ..
Her strongest act was in Khalnayak, Anjaam & Mrityudand ..


bhai maduri was no.1 star from 1994 to 1995......between raja to dtph she has given 7 flop except koyla which again has biggest star of that era....other hand sridevi was no.1 star till 1992-1993....record opner khuda gawah, excellent opener gurudev, gumrah in 1993...while madhuri record opener was khalnayak but sahibaan, aansoo bane angare, sangeet turned disaster which was not even open with decent response...so khalnayak was riding on shoulder of male actors but when it comes to carried out on her own shoulder she failed badly...and whatever till 90-91 bumper were because of multistarrer where she was just part of the movie like sonam tridev, dimple ram lakhan, kishan kanhaiya- shilpa shirodkar etc....


@Irdhwelp.....even in tezab she was love interest of Anil kapoor but 1,2,3 song made her star....in khalnayak she has very good role but opened because of showman subhash ghai legacy and sanjay dutt stardom after saajan sadak with help of choli ke piche song..


Yup the songs of Saajan - Tu shayar hai, Tezaab - 123, Beta - Dhak dhak, Khalnayak - Choli ke piche made her a diva & dancing sensation ..
Sridevi single handedly made Nagina a hit ...
Sridevi was the last actress who was taking the central character like Chandini & Nagina ...

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