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It's hard to describe how good a 25 crore day one is for Kick pre Eid and here its hard to describe how bad 5.25-5.50 crore nett is with 2500 plus screens and a huge cost.

The losses on the film will be of the magnitude never seen before for a Hindi film.


The cast includes the talented Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Karan Johar, Kay Kay Menon, Vicky Kaushal etc. 


Some Reviews -

Anurag Kashyap's Bollywood ode to Hollywood gangsterism may trade in pastiche, but is very much its own creation. - Variety

We look to big, brassy cinema not to educate but to entertain, and let us not seek verisimilitude in this kind of cinematic explosion. And this Bombay Velvet is an obviously shallow film, an all-out retro masala-movie with homage on the rocks and cocktail-shakers brimming with cliche. - Raja Sen

Anurag Kashyap’s Bombay Velvet is a visual treat. Excellently presenting the bygone era, you truly traverse into the 1960s Bombay. The smokey alleys of the red light district, mill worker unions and the rising media barons all compliment to a story that breathes Bombay’s upheaval to become Mumbai in the coming years. - KoiMoi

'Bombay Velvet’ Is a Bollywood Ode to American Gangster Movies - The New York Times

However, make of it what you will, but for all its weaknesses, what Bombay Velvet lacks in complexity, it ultimately makes up for with its sheer beauty. And if you think about it, that more or less sums up the mainstream genre, so perhaps on his first attempt at a blockbuster, Kashyap is on the right track after all. - Mihir Fadnavis, First Post

Despite pacing issues, the film stands true to an indie filmmaker’s idea of a blockbuster. - The Hindu

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these kind of films can never do big business even if you get any star
should have marketed it like that and not as some commercial movie
the genres appeal is limited as it is and the film was not great either
a recipe for disaster

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lol. I thought I have given your answer. But you flipped your system!!bot

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Anurag Kashyap is not equipped to handle a movie of this budget. The type of cinema he makes....recovery was always going to be very very tough. Plus he took an actor who cannot act and has zero star power. Recipe for disaster.

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When he was going down Papa Roshan provided him KMG. Then before D2 came Krish, he again gave him K3 and again try to afloat him with Kaabil. Aur Laaye bhi toh Papa Roshan hi the na.


ajay is excellent when he is at it otherwise he goes off the track also many times which is y i prefer akki ranbir over him


Lol, Sandeep is this your best ??? Try somewhere else man. Papa laaye the par aise to kitne actors ko papa/family wale laaye the...kya hua unka ?


Chalo aur na sahi ek Papa ne toh bete ko Roshan kiya.

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One Of The Biggest Disaster Of Bollywood History......

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What went wrong everything went wrong literally everything you don't make a 100cr budget film with kashyap to start with you don't take Ranbir in a dark movie like this and who takes karam johar as villain anyways the film had no story no emotion and boring beyond limits

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What went wrong??

Who knows.....

Maybe giving the budget of 120 crs to a filmaker whose all movies combined didn't do 120 crs at BO..??

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I really liked this movie..its really underrated..and I don't find any reason why people are bashing kjo for his acting as he was quite good as the villain..both ranbir and anushka were excellent..after 10/15 years films dangal or Bajrangi bhaijan will be forgotten but this one will be regarded as a cult classic.

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Your sarcasm is next level @kakarot.

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prince of bollywood with the greatest disaster of recent times, it will be prince again who tops this with his next Bramhastra :D :D

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Dont insult him. He's one of India's greatest actors ever. I am told. :D

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Because @ jordan couldnt manage his time to watch this movie.........

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Audience is stupid...........

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