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Most arrogant and rude star in India [poll]

0 votes

I would say  Salman and Kareena.

Kareena Kapoor (1 vote, 7%)
Salman Khan (7 votes, 47%)
Saif Ali Khan (0 votes)
Sanjay Dutt (0 votes)
Kangana Ranaut (7 votes, 47%)
in Cinematic Discussion by Location Scout (3.5k points)
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i would say akki who has just 4 hits and 14 disaster and 29 flop from 1996-2006 and so called consistency in giving flops and disaster


lol sallu is winning the poll hahaha

6 Answers

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yes kareena is stuck up and rude and a stereo typical south bombay chick but not that arrogant too
bhai is very cold and rude to anyone who is not his khaas
saif ali khan is a big time classist and thats about it
baba is not arrogant or rude as the others on the list he is just a bad boy who has other bigger issues than this
kangana is rude and arrogant to the film industry people not so much the normal public

my vote goes to bhai
sorry members of the forum

by Casting Director (16.6k points)
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pakka tu aur ye question puchne wala same fake id hai..Boths bot one with akki in system and another has prince ranbir in system..

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Saif Bebo pair is the worst i do not like them bunch a dime they are extremely rude
Kangana thinks she is the biggest star like everrr..........
Sanju baba seems okay ....
Salman too sometimes seems very cold in interviews , rude or it is his talking style i do not know but he should be making other more comfortable around him like how aamir and srk make and talk very kindly and softly with press and in interviews general even anushka once said this

by Location Manager (7.9k points)

between i was watching akshay on recent interviews like mm gn and cnwk he was not rude but he too was giving silly answers to others and was not even letting reporter complete their sentence

0 votes

Kangana by a country mile. She hasn't achieved anything worthwhile in life but she considers herself an authority on everyone. She's in decline yet the arrogance doesn't go away.

by Mega Star (225k points)

i think she is more delusional than arrogant


She is both. Has targeted HR, Alia, Kjo....who have achieved way more than she has in life.

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SRK by distance. Main reason for his downfall.

by Set Designer (1.8k points)

srk has a reason to be arrogant
apne dum par aaya haii
but all others on the list dont have that thing(except kangana) so itna attitude kyu


bhai akshay bhi apne dum par hi upar aaya hai he is also self made superstar and in fan following he is right there with srk and salman


yes i respect srk and akshay both for that
and akshay is the number 1 right now
sadly corona happened at the wrong time for him


SRK has mellowed down over the years. He's not arrogant. Many times he's been sarcastic too. Plus he knows how to make fun of himself. That's a great quality to have. Not many can do it.

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Arrogance also means they are in a position to dominate & no surprise small stardom less Akshay is not seen here ..
Fact - Salman alongwith Rohit shetty announces the new or change release date of a film (Sooryavanshi) starring Akshay that too in his so called best phase or peak .. Lol

by Producer (118k points)

agar sooryanvansi release ho jaati na radhe tadhe ke against muuh chhipaane ki jagah nahi milti salman ko
vaise hi to saare clash me akshay ne sallu ki vaat lagayi hai


Akshay the one has silver jubilee of continuous films without a clean hit, Golden jubilee of flops & disasters ..
The guy who crossed 133cr net in 2018 by playing CGI Villain in a Rajnikanth starrer ...
Just 1 blockbuster in his 1st 20 years that too was a multi starrer ..
Yet to cross 2.25cr footfalls ...


haan to akshay ki sallu jaisi haalat bhi nhi hui kabhi ki career hi multistarrers aur doosro ke bharose chalaana pade
akshay has credit for whatever hits he is part of sallu ko to dabangg tak shayad hi kisi ka credit mila ho


Akshay is yet to born ..
Jis din wo koi ATBB & HGOTY dega na tab baat karna ..

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kareena and srk..................

by Casting Director (18.6k points)