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Jaaneman One of my most watched Salman movies which had a wonderful and unique storytelling. The whole story unfolds as a comic strip portraying ups and down of a love story. No other Bollywood movie never adopted such storytelling.
Salman's performance was heartfelt and music was gold.

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nah, can't spoil my eid that way.

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Uhhhh, nope. Didn't have any such tradition, so nope.

Besides the way last 3 Eids have gone, it'll be great that Salman himself leaves that tradition.

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@Ghanashyam Is it about Veerana post? Then you already have the answer in that post. Unless you are among the few who watched the film in theater when it was released first, you won't get to see the censor cut scenes. Whatever ZEE Cinema used to air before re-censoring the film is the max we all got to watch.


sir if it is censor cut delayed 3 yr for realease then how it is released with those cut scenes


Sir can i paid and get that uncut version movie somewhere.


Uncut version isn't made available & I doubt the producers will release it ever. You have to enjoy what's available that's all.

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I will watch Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Sultan on eid

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2017 and 2018 eids were bad. I liked Bharat though. BB is a family favorite, though my sister likes Sultan. So either of those two, shall be watching.

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Will watch Kick on Eid day.Now watching Jaaneman

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NO.................there are so many good web series.

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Na ho payega humse and thanks to corona nobody can force me to do that...

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corona nahi vi hota toh tujhe kon force karta?

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