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Whole of India: locked up at home and bored like anything

Salman Khan: I will shoot a song with Jacqueline at my farmhouse. Waah. Ye hoti hai life. :D

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27 million views with the cheapest song, great

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wow, that is.....huh. can't describe it in words. looking forward to the first movie Salman directs.

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How much is his farmhouse worth? I hope i could biy it one day!!

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Through this video Salman likes to show his huge property at panvel farmhouse. His property is worth 1000 cr.

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Actually he cannot. He doesn't want to show off the property & they had shoot carefully not to reveal much of the property.

Since he loves his horse so much, he let it be part of the music video. Basically his official directorial debut.


Why don't he show his pet dogs?


Don't know whether he brought them to the farmhouse from Galaxy apartments. Plus he is too protective of his dogs anyway. No unnecessary footage for outsiders.

Everytime he is at the farmhouse, he tends to show off his trophy horses that's all.

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