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Superstars and actors' position in all time opening records (source - BOI)

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All Time Highest  First day:

HR: 1st War

Aamir : 2nd Thugs Of Hindostan

Salman : 3rd Bharat

SRK : 7th Happy New Year

Ranbir : 8th Sanju

Ajay : 11th Singham Returns

Akshay : 16th Mission Mangal

Ranveer : 27th Simmba

All Time Highest First Weekend:

Ranbir : 2nd Sanju

Salman : 3rd Tiger Zinda Hai

Aamir : 5th Dangal

SRK : 12th Happy New Year

HR: 13th War

Ajay: 15th Golmaal Again

Ranveer : 20th Simmba

Akshay : 25th Mission Mangal

All Time Highest First Week:

Salman : 2nd Sultan

HR: 4th War

Ranbir: 5th Sanju

Aamir: 6th Dangal

Ranveer : 13th Simmba

SRK: 16th Chennai Express

Ajay : 17th Golmaal Again

Akshay: 18th Housefull 4


1. Salman and Aamir are the only superstars who have more than 1 in top 10 in each record category

2. Salman, Amir and Ranbir/Hirani are the only ones having at least one in top 10

3. HR is the only one whose movies tops a list (rarity as everything is owned by Bahubali2). Also Salman holds the record for highest WW weekend.

4. For SRK last major openers were CE and HNY. Everything since then has been downhill.

5. Ranveer and Akshay are the worst performing ones as far as opening records are considered. 

in Box Office Discussions by Assistant Director (53.8k points)

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What a missed opportunity by HR to rule bwood.
Even after KMG,if he had realized his mistakes and did at least 1 movie/year and 2 action/commercials in every 3 movies then he would have been in the lines of salman khan.

by Camera Operator (9.3k points)
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There is one fact remember

Akshay is the biggest superstar today
2010 born stars are now finished
He gave 4 sh in a row
Sooryavanshi is a confirmed BB

by Location Scout (3.5k points)

1 fact bol kar 4 bata diya.. Carry minati ka tiktok roast yaad aa gaya hahaha


lol HR usko pehle muft ki BB srk ne di thi ab ek tiger ne di hai
@seinfield haan tum to nayi nayi baatein karte ho na vahi puraana taanpura bajaate rehte ho


Seinfeld, let's assume Salman and Aamir are finished. They will never be seen again. Even then HR is miles ahead of Akshay. So by that logic too, Akshay isn't no 1.

He is clearly in denial and illusion lacking any knowledge of box office. Let him be. If that makes him happy.


dont insult the word big.

Biggest in all terms should be big.

A star whose films are not even in top 15 in any category cannot be considered as big.
Coming to Hits ,he has done 120 films and giving 30 hits is not a big deal at all,where as salman has given same number as hits with just 60% of films.

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SRK was fine till 2015 end. Raaes being delayed, signing jhms and zero destroyed the faith audiences had in him. Salman and Aamir are obviously the top 2 giants today. War showed HR's potential. If he makes a sequel to it and comes up with Krish4, he can make the top spot his own.

by Mega Star (225k points)

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