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keep going amit ji ..............

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Zanzeer is another 3cr ff movie of Amitabh.

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AAA ke baad BOI ko predict karna bahot muskil hai per hit verdict de dega


Aaa had over 4cr ff but boi ruined it.

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The movie which gave birth to the Angry young man. Iconic performances from both Big B and Pran Saab.

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even ajit ka different style bhi kaafi popular hua tha

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the birth of a leegend

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Zanjeer made Amitabh Bachchan a star after many had rejected this film including Dharmendra. Bachchan was a better choice as he fits the role as the macho angry young. His walk, talk and action scenes is where he excelled as the tough cop. Pran & Jay Bachchan were good in their roles.

Great action movie and it was a Hit at the Box Office.

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