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Mine list;

Megastar/ATBB= Akshay kumar after 10 years

Megasuperstar/ Super blockbuster= Akshay kumar after 5 years

Superstars/Blockbuster= Akshay kumar after 3 years

Big Stars/ Superhit= Akshay kumar after 1 year

Stars/hits=  Rest of the actors
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You're not totally wrong as Akshay Kumar became a Star in 2007 and with his 2016-2019* phase made him a Huge Star. As this decade is about to start, he has extremely promising movies, one can hope that he will become a Superstar by 2025. He is anyway in the top 10 list of all-time due to excessive successful movies, but unfortunately due to lack of magnitude, will occupy the 7th or 8th spot, which is still fine.

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Don't worry Akshay is performing great for so many years and his era has just started and do not worry he will always remain above salman overall as sallu just had a good phase of 6-7 years without which his record is seriously mediocre from 90s to 2010 and 2018 onwards
and BOI wont count his successes which came on other people shoulders

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At least Salman has 6-7 good years but megastar akki has none(dance)

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