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What if?

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was still a love triangle between Rahul, Anjali & Tina. Just that it was Anjali & Tina who fall in love with each other in college. 

It is Rahul who dies post child birth but has long realised that Anjali was Tina's true love. Due to the fear of the society, Anjali leaves Tina & goes back to her hometown. Shattered Tina eventually marries Rahul. Now Rahul is the one who has written all the letters to his child asking her to ensure Tina & Anjali get back together. 

On the other end, Anjali due to family pressure has finally agreed to marry Aman. In the end, Aman sacrifices Anjali so that she can marry Tina. 


Written, Produced & Directed by Karan Johar.

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I can already feel their natural Chemistry!!!!

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Sounds like European Cinema...Prequel of great JHMS and others European cinema...BOI would throw it to gutter...so as audience.

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Well that could've been actually better than the one we got.

And let's tweek the story more.

Even Aman played by Salman turns out to be गे (since English version is censored) and was marrying Anjali under pressure from family and society.

Give Salman a happy ending too, Anjai gets to live with Tina and Aman gets to live with his गे friend Monu.

Happy ending for everyone and for once Salman's character gets the girrrrrr..... Guy at the end of the movie.

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Hmmm. But doubt Karan would handle that much pressure of writing a backstory for another character. You know it just doesn't work with him the way he struggled KANK.

Still the what if suggestion is welcomed. I already have something else for Aman to be shared soon.

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