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1). Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (7.25/10): Well I'm surprised. I hated this movie when I was a kid, maybe because it was so much more grown up than the previous movies and also I saw it in cinema chaap quality. I haven't revisited it since. But watching it now was a treat. It was fun and exciting. The characters were in their teenage phase which is a nice change of pace. I liked the general feel of the movie. The HP movies being kids movies ended with PoA, this was HP for the twilight generation (though much better).

2. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (6.25/10): Maybe due to a change in screenwriter, but this movie feels very different from the rest of the HP movies. The magic is missing in a way. It's still a decent movie with good effects and well-shot, but it just didn't have that feel to it. All the more disappointing because the book was the longest in the series. But I did like the introduction of several elements and it sets the following movies up nicely.

3. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Price (7.75/10): This movie yet again is my favourite HP movie. With the original screenwriter back and David Yates settling in, this movie is a solid blend of HP magic, humour, and stunning cinematography. It looks different and better than all other HP movies. Again, very different from the book, but sets up the core target very efficiently and really makes you feel the danger Voldy is brining to the world. Dumbledore broke my heart even though I haven't liked him much in my rewatch of the movies.

4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (7/10): It's a little slow. Understandable because the series is coming to an end and the makers gave us a smaller movie focused on the core trio, but I think the movie could have had a little more action or moved a bit faster. Other than wrapping up a few horcruxes and introducing a few characters, it largely leaves the rest of the responsibility to its sequel. Still, it was good to have more focus on Harry, Ron and Hermione before it all ends.


The Flash season 1 (7/10): I enjoyed my time rewatching this season enough that I'll give it a slightly higher rating. As noted last week, the effects, the characters and the immersion into the comic book universe is what sells this series. Reverse-Flash was awesome, the crossovers were awesome, and the type of work they achieve on lower budget is also awesome. The sticking points would be the forced romance and drama throughout the season and the series neutering the Flash's power to make a villain appear as an actual threat. But I still liked reliving that time. Back then, MCU team ups weren't as common, and this was one of the few ways to experience pure comic books joy. I don't want to leave these characters, but I already saw the show heading towards the part that frustrated me and made me leave it, so best to stop now.

Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe (7/10): I'm pretty well aware of the roast format by now and this one was good too, though nothing tops the James Franco Roast

Disclaimer: The idea of this post belongs to the user Ankit 007. I am just making this post because he's been inactive for a while. I will try to make a post like this every Saturday.

Content of the Week: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

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Only one movie this week.

Godzilla King of the Monsters

Again, yeah, it's such an epic movie, you want to watch it again and again.

TV Series.

GOT some clips

Infuriating, take JHMS and ZERO, combine them and that's the infuriating level GOT has reached for me.

Now i can't just watch it normally knowing that everything i cared about and was invested in is gonna go into the mud and then stepoed over and then burned to crisp and then blown into air and then mixed with water.


Just starting 5 episodes, it's very interesting series, that's all i can say for now, let's see how it unfolds in future episodes.


Freakin Hillarious hahahaha, i must thank my friend Charles Jats for recommending it, it is so damn funny and it's just 13-14 episodes right now. So good.

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Extraction: 2.5/5 (Passable)
Dark knight: NR (repeat viewing, what a gem)
Hera Pheri (2000): NR (Amazing, one of the best comedies of all time)

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1. Byôsoku 5 senchimêtoru: English title '5 Centimeter Per Second' by the director of Your Name. I was going to watch Weathering With You but the print available are with blurred sub space so skipped it for now and watched this. The film is story of a man's love for a girl in 3 acts in 3 different age; teenager and finally as adult. I personally liked the first one most. The film just like Your Name and Weathering With You is very beautiful. 7/10
2. Wake Up Sid: Same old Bollywood film pretending to be not, which might have felt good back when it released but poorly dated. 2/10
3. The Big Short: The behind the scene of 2008 recession told in a way of Disaster movie, with people in top ignoring the 'expert' and then the disaster starts unfolding. Good acting performances. 6/10
4. Hercules (1997): Watched it randomly, okay Disney animation. Nothing special. 5/10
5. Lincoln: The film is the performances basically, not something I had expected, with film just focusing on Slavery abolition amendment. Now I would have loved if they had just focused entirely on Congress proceedings in House of Card sorta. DDL is life of film, he look & live like Lincoln. 6/10
6. The Avengers: Watched only 3rd act. The film looks awful even for time. Joss Whedon is a terrible director and thank God he didn't do Infinity War and Endgame.
7. Bourne Identity: My biggest complain about film was the relationship developed between Bourne and Marie, which looked fake, out of place and illogical in this action spy film. The film is tale of amnesic spy searching for his identity and wasn't really impressed knowing that. 5/10
8. Haider: Rewatched it but will count as first time watch, I had only watched it once in low quality Camrip but I did liked it. This time, first half was almost perfect but as the film go toward climax, Vishal Bhardwaj started losing it. The film capture Kashmir as Kashmir. Shahid is flawless and we are lucky to have Tabu. Irrfan as Roohdar is Fire. 8/10

Movie of the Week: Haider

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  1. Crawl [2019] = NR [Re-watch with dad this time. The opinion about the movid didn't change, I was disappointed it with the first time for not going all out, that opinion is intact.]
  2. Sethupathi [2016 - Tamil] = NR [Re-watch. Just was missing out on Vijay Sethupathi movie so chose this one to watch with parents assuming I hadn't shown them this but half way they confirmed they've watched it. A tribute to cops, the film does enough justice except for the rushed climax. No over glorifying cops or unnecessary masala elements.]
  3. Sonic The Hedgehog [2020] = 6/10 [Finally got to watch it after missing out on all the opportunities I had since I chose to watch Invisible Man in theater over this. Jim Carry in his Avatar if not his true elements, this was an okay watch. May be because I expected a lot more but it didn't try to break the predictable format. Nevertheless does entertain.]
  4. Brochevarevarura [2019 - Telugu] = 6/10 [A solid 6. Had delayed watching it despite the good reviews. Definitely a good film. Kept entertaining throughout without going overboard as well as ruining the realistic narrative. The strong emotional scenes were effectively handled & being a comedy film, these scenes weren't undermined. Simple solid entertainer.]
  5. Justice League [2017] = NR [Re-watch. Well, the plan was to watch Batman v Superman but I had the extended cut which is 3hrs long & I didn't had the time to watch it. So chose this. Joss Whedon bringing down to Marvel level, I never appreciated that the first time & not going to do it now.]
  6. Thappad [2020] = 8/10 [Film of the year so far. If this was made into a court room drama then Anubhav Sinha would have made great disservice to it. This delicate subject required this screenplay only & hats off to Anubhav Sinha & team for pulling it off. The strong cast he has found is a boon. An eye opener. BOI with their commentary can go scuk it.]
  7. Extraction [2020] = NR [Re-watch with parents. Well they weren't in the mood to tolerate a violent action film. Because of Randeep Hooda plus me, they forcefully sat through the entire movie. Both hated what is the major spoiler which I won't share here. I stand by my review last week. This is a one time watch & that's about it. I was bored the second time.]
  8. The Circus [1928] = NR [Re-watch. Earlier this week, after forcing my parents to watch Extraction, had to cheer them up so the Charlie Chaplin classic came to my rescue. An all time gem, still has the same charm.]
  9. Solo [2017 - Tamil] = 5/10 [I am against the controversy it faced but this one was never for the box office. It is good Dulquer Salmaan agreed to do this & joined Bejoy Nambiar in brining his vision into life on screen. The first 3 short stories is what I am completely on board but the pace of the narration of each of the short films was tiring at times. Well performed, the narrative required to be little bit more crisp.]
    Movie(s) of the week = Thappad, The Circus, Sonic The Hedgehog, Brochevarevarura & Sethupathi.

    Anyways watching the regular tv series episodes of The Flash, Batwoman, Westworld & Run. Downloaded Normal People but somehow felt like rewatching Breaking Bad. Couldn't find time to do either.
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Movies :

  1. Dia (Kannada) - One of the best love stories ever. A must watch movie. Maybe the best movie of the year.

  2. Anjaam Pathira (Malayalam) - Very engaging psycho thriller. Not at the level of Ratsasan but very intriguing. One of the best thriller movie released ever.


  1. 2 Broke Girls : A decent sitcom. Both the girls in lead are superb specially Kat Dennings. It tells the story of how these girls are struggling and want to have a cup cake business but neesd to collect money for that and the things they do it achieve it.

  2. Fresh Prince Of Bel Air : Omg this maybe the funniest of them all. Can't believe am watching it this late. Damn hilarious, Will Smith is just awesome.

  3. Friends : Oh well this is my all time favorite sitcom forever. You won't get bored even after multiple rewatches. All lead characters are funny and have superb chemistry.

  4. Joey : Watched it just for Matt as he was my fav character from Friends. But this one is just not that good enough, maybe the reason why it got cancelled after 2 seasons.

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You really liked Dia? I mean you are not the only one. Wish I could see what you all saw to like this film.


Well I was into the movie from the 1st frame itself. The entry of Adi just took it to another level. And what to say about Khushi, she's so awesome I loved Premam and this is at that level too.

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