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I know it's an old thing but was listening some of songs of Lucky movie and that brought me to this. Is is true that Salman introduced Sneha Ullal in Bollywood only because of the striking similarity in appearance with his ex Aishwarya Rai?
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It was pretty obvious..

Born and brought up in Muscat in the Persian Gulf, 20-year-old Sneha Ullal, the Discovery of Salman Khan and almost branded the carbon copy of beauty empress Aishwarya Rai.
How did your film career start?
I was studying at MMK College, Mumbai. That time, Salman Khan’s sister Arpita happened to see me. But, I didn’t know that she told her brother about me. One day, I came from the hospital and the phone was ringing at home. My thoughts were fully clouded with my mother, who was at the hospital taking painful chemotherapy for the cancer. I received the phone and words from the other end said: Hi, I am Salman Khan. Could I speak to Sneha Ullal – I felt that somebody was joking. I just put down the phone repeatedly. When my mom came home after several days, I told her what had happened. Casually, I gave her the incoming number and she tried it back. It was truly Salman Khan who called for me. At first, I was nervous. But, Salman was a sportive man. My parents agreed to the proposal to take me in for the film Lucky. The film brought me instant recognition and I am thankful to the Indian media which shot me to fame. Currently, I am awaiting the release of three films in the coming months.


Interesting.. She used to look like Aishwarya those days but nowadays she looks completely different, really no comparison anymore.

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yes , also i remember that was the big highlight in the media producers were trying to capitalise on this controversy also very first promos that aired on television were of sneha ullal looking strikingly similar to aishwarya in a wedding dress

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Particularly that song, jaan meri ja rahi sanam..

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yaar ye vo waqt tha jab salman ki filmein sab pita karti thi line se he was not a bankable star to producers sab saam daam dand bhed karte the ki picture chal jaaye jaise taise

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Well, Sallu was no.2 among top actors in 2005. And Lucky opened well maybe because of this reason only. The movie was promoted as such.


no 2 lol
srk hrithik akshay aamir were the top 4 at best sallu was 5th that decade


Yes, I meant till 2005, that movie came in 2005. 2006 se to continuous flops bhai ne diye.


And yet he was a leading man. Not doing cheap multistarrers APD, DHP Aan men at work, Jani Dushman kinda shit.

Yeah now go on cry your usual 2010 stuff..go on. :D :D

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Well it's good that that's the only similarity she had with Aishwarya.

It would've been bad for her to have that other similarity with Aishwarya, the boxing and music one.

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