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Freinds as we know that Bollywood is supposedly one of leading film industry of this world, and naturally has given great actors to this world, and with those actors, comes great performances, and although it'll be difficult to list all those performances in the history of Bollywood, we at THUNDER BOX OFFICE decided to list some of the greatest acts of last decade.

We've after hours of brainstorming and voting by jury panels and our avid readers have decided to include these 5 legendary performances of last decade which in reality took the word acting to different level.

And it's just part 1



His intense method acting blurred the lines between emotion and comedy. People were confused between tearing up and laughing their butts off, they chose later cause.....well Salman's a natural, he even repeated this act in Bharat, again people chose laughing over getting emotional.



Another instance of method acting from the Megastar, he completely immersed himself into the role of a statue with some lines, his acting was so natural that it felt like he is a statue in real life himself....which obviously isn't true. Maybe. 



Disgusted by the cheap acting of Johhny Depp in POTC, Aamir sir took it upon his own hands to show how a dumb, drunk, moronic anti hero cosplayer acts like. His performance had such an impact that Disney removed Johhny Depp and reached Aamir to grace the world with his acting, but Mr Perfectionist refused to act in the movie.

Disney is now left searching for a new Jack Sparrow while Aamir Khan has taken upto himself to show Tom Hanks about how to act in remake of Forest Gump..... Hint - he'll pick something from his equally brilliant performance as Samar in Dhoom 3



Inspired by his peers, SRK went on to give his career best performance in the Rohit Shetty's version of DDLJ, which is better than original DDLJ i must add. 

SRK, instead of following his fellow Khan Salman by doing Macho roles, opted to play the titular character as completely non Macho, he stammered with full precision, acted like a doofus hit in the head by a smiley ball, spoke his dialogue with such conviction that it broke the barrier between acting and living the character.

The performance was such brilliance that some traits of doofus role he played ended up in his real life as he chose to do movies like JHMS and ZERO.



Well what to say, the man himself, one of the greats of Bollywood not content with his acting chops went on to do a movie so bold, so risky that it makes Deadpool and Logan look like pale in comparison.

A movie in which female character watched his character's ..... Filled with violence, nudity and the biggest risk of them all........... HIS INCREDIBLE DANCING..!! 

His acting as a Dancer who dances while dancing was break the stage incredible. His dancing looked like he was being controlled by strings as a hand puppet, but in reality it was just him unleashing his full inner talent of dancing which put Hrithik Roshan to such a shame that he started doing less movies, and Shahid Kapoor such embarrassment that he started doing movies in which he didn't had to dance.

Also his acting as dumb loon was on the point too. 






So these are some of the greatest performances of this decade..... Which one is your favourite, shout out in the comments.

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"So these are some of the greatest performances of this decade..... Which one is your favourite, shout out in the comments"

The Aamir Khan still you've shared, sums up my answer to which one is my favorite.


@Suhas, even i was confused which is worse between Race 3 and Yuvraaj. I chose the former, he was going through his best phase and no excuses for taking his fans for granted like this.


@ Sanki Launda Kya baat hai es list se akshay gayab hai.



It's Part 1

Don't worry, we at TBO have everything under control.

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To even think that Salman was acting in Race 3 is a insult he was standing there watching people say dialouges letting someone like Daisy have more and more screen time and also in between saying some dilaouges but no acting there bcoz he wasn't interested enough he was just there as Salman Khan not as a Character so he just didn't feel the need to act the credits should have been like Salman Khan Playing himself

by Executive Producer (67.6k points)

Acting wise .........Best among the khan is irfan >> Aamir.


Bhai comparing character artist with superstar is not right acting wise aise toh khans se bhut bdhiya actors hai par wo sab superstar nhi ho skte and vice versa


i dont know why people hate race 3 this much it was a decent entertaining movie


@ssk enta compare sahi nahi hai............. right.

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All time legendary performance
People sometime go into chronic depression watching salman's acting

by Location Scout (3.5k points) 1 flag

Hahahahhahah sallu rota hai to log haste hai


mast expression................


Never seen two different individuals having the same crying manners

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The ones which I found pathetic,

Salman: Race3- I thought SK had left sleep walking behind in the 2000's........this trash was the absolute worst piece of acting from him, letting Bobby and Daisy have more screen time was the absolute pits.

SRK: Zero. He had to act like SRK only, the same smirk, the same mannerisms, there was no need to create that dwarf character in the first place......cringe worthy character and atrocious acting from him

HR: MPKDH- HR can't ace comedy, that's one genre which is a weakness for him, but man he hammed and hammed here. Playing an extrovert doesn't mean you act OTT all the time. One of the few times he has embarassed himself.

Akshay: He has plenty of such movies, but I will count out two of them, OATIMD and Entertainment. He made a mockery of the first part done brilliantly by Ajay

Ajay: Action Jackson. I guess Ajay knew what the fate of the movie shall be, but no excuse for this trash.

by Mega Star (226k points)
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Salman Khan - Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Shahrukh Khan - My Name Is Khan

Aamir Khan - Pk

Akshay Kumar - PadMan

Ajay Devgn - Singham

by Assistant Director (52.2k points)

Bhai troll post hai sirf title hi pdha kya pura post toh pdho (giggle)


Troll answer

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Agree with Race 3 but I prefer Tubelight performance over Golden Kela nominated MNIK anyday

by Producer (114k points)

I thoughts all awards were fake according to you....


Yes,I share this for those who are proud of awards

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