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Share your experience of watching LAGE RAHO MUNNA BHAI for the very first time?

Where did you watch the film for the first time? Theater or at home?

If you haven't watched it yet, are you planning to give it a try in near future?


I watched the movie in the theater along with housefull crowd. Considering how much loved Munna & Circuit were, we all were super hyped. My critical take on the film happened only after repeate watch. In the theater, I had a blast watching it. Be it Munna - Circuit camaraderie, the songs, the comedic punches & even the cameos. 


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I remember I seen it on Doordarshan on 2nd October for first time. However for some weird reason it was edited badly cutting many scenes just enough to keep story together. The Hirani style of using satirical comedy worked big time for me.

It wasn't until some years, for first time I watched it in full. The experience was similar I reckon. Though I prefer Munnabhai MBBS now.

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At home as a kid loved the film not that i don't love it now but yeh would be way more critical now still a full on paisa vasool movie

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one of the best, watched in theater..

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a superb movie infact ........... one of hirani's best scripts

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