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While BOI have given their ranking of the biggest actors today, how about we share our understanding of who the greatest star of the next generation is. And also predict who will be ruling the Box Office 5-10 years down the line.


1. Tiger Shroff
2. Ranveer Singh
3. Shahid Kapoor
4. Ranbir Kapoor
5. Varun Dhawan
6. Aayushman Khurana
7. John Abraham
8. Vicky Kaushal
9. Rajkumar Rao
10. Arjun Kapoor

I have included John Abraham in this list as he comes in between the 2 generations and off late his films are doing well at the Box Office.

I predict this list of actors would continue to dominate the BO in the future as well.

Noteworthy though, I thought Varun Dhawan would be ruling the BO after BKD and Judwaa 2. But poor choice of films has really pushed him down. Coolie No 1 is an extremely important film for him and if the masses do not appreciate it, then it might put a huge dent on his stardom.

And for those who are wondering why Shahid Kapoor over Ranbir. Well, just because of Kabir Singh. And I can guarantee that Jersey will follow a similar route. Ranbir Kapoor having doing the artsy films in Jagga Jasoos, Bombay Velvet & Roy has pushed him down. Sanju might have helped him salvage some pride, but we will see how Bramhastra ends up, if it ever releases.
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BOI hasn't given ranking of biggest actors, they just mentioned the names who have got more than 25 hits. They haven't said these are the biggest stars of all-time.


In one of the articles, they have ranked the biggest stars today at the BO, Actors and Actresses both included. I was talking about that ranking.

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Age of Super Stars is gone.

Super Star is a term thrown lightly here and there, but it is a term of high value.
A Super Star is not someone who is a character on screen, he or she is bigger than that.
A Super Star inspires following that is unmatched by his other contemporaries.
Saying that any of young fans have a huge die hard following is not correct.
Super Star is someone who can create frenzy just by his or her name among the masses. Someone who is not limited to fickle fans who will think more about trailers, songs, promos to watch a movie, but loyal followers who will go no matter what.

And you see anyone can bring crowd in a mall or university campus, but to getting people to their doorsteps without forcing on their birthday or any festival, now this is a superstar and then a Megastar.

So my answer is NONE..!!

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I will still put my bet on Ranbir because he is one of the most charming leading man in industry today ( alteast what most of the girls think). Out of them all he has the biggest of success. So that means if he is in right movie then he can beat them all. I will also put Ranveer over Sahid as we know hoe vague the choices of Sahid can go. We will have to wait for few more movies of him to know that Kabir Singh was really not fluke. Then Tiger won't be this high for sure as he is one of the most limited leading actor in recent time. Untill or unless he reinvent himself there is not much hope for him as Baaghi thing will not work every time.
Rest I think will be as it is. So my list will be:
Arjun ( though I am sure that he will be extinct till the mid of this decade)

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None of them are worthy of being called a superstar

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Ranbir and ranveer are the once..

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Ranbir and Ranveer are my picks though i wish tiger too becomes huge

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Aayushman Khurana, Vicky Kaushal, Rajkumar Rao ye chote movies ke star hai ye kabhi salman ya akshay nahi ban sakte.

Arjun Kapoor and John has no chance,

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Ranbir and ranveer have the biggest chance. If brahmashtra is a good film then records will be shattered and then ranbir will be miles ahead of them. Ranveer's choices are quite good and he is able to complete and release a movie every year which is a great thing. Though I thought after war and baaghi 2 that tiger will be the next big thing. But audience probably got bored with the same kind of movies. Varun doesn't have any big film currently..he was really affected by kalank. My favourite is ayushman and I want him to achieve success as well as deliver films like andhadhun and badhai ho.

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Bramhastra is the make or break film for Ranbir Kapoor. Shamshera is also in the pipeline, but there has been no buzz around that film. If Ranbir Kapoor films stop getting postponed so much and he starts signing good films, then he will also be at the top and beat Shahid and Tiger for sure and might tie up with Ranveer.

I dont agree on the audience being bored with Tiger's films. Baaghi 3 was on it's way to reach the 150cr mark. 92 cr in 10 days with almost 4 days of them with limited release is a great figure. Especially for a film which was thrashed by everyone. The mass audience are taking to his films and all he needs is a decent script (not even a good one, a decent one will do) and he will manage the action on his own and he can rule the BO. For how long, that is a wait and watch scenario.


And about Varun, doing films like October and Sui Dhaaga post Judwaa 2 hit his ranking a little bit. But Kalank was a huge huge downer. And Street Dancer just killed it completely. If Coolie No 1 turns out to be another flop, then it is going take huge efforts for him to come back up.


Shahid is no longer a young actor..and though he is a good actor he always told that he loved working in films like kaminey haider or udta Punjabi than a commercial film..so probably he won't become a superstar. Brahmashtra is probably the most exciting Hindi movie and I hope it is a great film. And b3 didn't receive negativity..the critics and metro audience won't like these kind of films..and sadly there aren't many good Hindi action movies or their directors so I don't think tiger will make it big.

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Won't include Shahid or maybe even Ranbir in the list. Shahid has already been in the industry for 17 years. I don't consider him a part of current generation.

And Ranbir has already been in the industry for 13 years and was even close to achieving superstar title, but it's too late now.

From 2010 onwards all actors can be counted.

From those I think Ranveer, Tiger and Varun will be leading. Though none will be ruling the BO.

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Ranbir Kapoor

Tiger Shroff

Ranveer Singh

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Akshay is biggest today
from new gen its ranbir tiger ranveer
all 3 have couple of bb on their name

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Akshay is biggest star right now only for those fans which is not lived in earth. They probably from Mars so didn't known real facts.

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Audience will find their Superstars, they mayn't be as big as Khans like our Khans weren't as big as Amitabh or Dharmendra, they had all round popularity.
But there'll be Superstars, our industry is stardriven one.
Ranbir/Ranveer are the front runners, Ranbir has a following in Delhi/Punjab.
Ranveer has managed his set of admirers. Both of them have great backings too.
Then comes Tiger, I don't believe when people say he won't be accepted in long run, our industry lacks mass hero, so he'll void that vaccum.
Rest can't become Superstar
PS- Kabir Singh is the biggest character Bollywood created last decade, it has garnered huge goodwill for Shahid, if he makes good use of it he can emerge big.

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Shahid in order will be big stars but none will be a superstar

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