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Your favourite South Korean movies

0 votes


Mine top 5

Memories of Murders 10/10

The Wailing  9/10

Train to Busan  8.5/10

The Chaser  8/10

The Handmaiden 8/10

in General Queries by Location Manager (7.9k points)

6 Answers

+1 vote

Maine sirf ek hi dekha hai - Train to Busan

by Casting Director (18.7k points)

bhai aur bhi dekho koreans jaise thrillers to koi movie industry nhi bana pati even hollywood is mediocre in thrillers compared to korean


thanks bhai dekhta hu.........

+1 vote

A moment to remember
My saasy girl
A millionaires first love
Train to busan..

I love Korean love's all about caring without uttering the word love.

by Producer (115k points)

bhai check out some thrillers too


Watched lots of thrillers like memories of murder, forgotten, the one from murder 2 remade, one john abraham remade..even now watching rain steel. but listed above are my absolute favourite.

+1 vote

The Man From Nowhere - I've seen this one only but I've seen many series, and they are good.

TV Series
Lawless Lawyer
Descendants of the Sun
Bad Guys

by Set Decorator (1.7k points)
+1 vote

Train to Busan.....

by Producer (107k points)
+1 vote

Memories of Murders
The Wailing

by Location Scout (3.5k points)
+1 vote
  1. My Sassy Girl
  2. One day
  3. Memories of Murder
  4. Old Boy
    Catching up with more movies now..
by Second Unit Director (77.9k points)

bhai check out The wailing its one of the best horror/thrillers


Will sure do bro.. Thanks for the suggestion


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