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Share your experience of watching BABY's DAY OUT [1994] for the first time.

Where did you watch the film for the first time? Theater or at home?

How did you come to know about this movie?

If you haven't watched it, are you planning to give this a try in near future?


I first watched the film in Sterling theater Mysore. I was 6 years old. I pretty much didn't give enough attention to the movie, though I have been told I laughed a lot during the movie. It is only when parents for the VHS rented, I had a hoot watching this movie. Since then, the film has been one of my favorite films of all time despite the overwhelming negative response it received from the critics as well as domestic audience. It was surprising to see it had record breaking run all across India stumping the critics from the west who had bashed it to the core. 


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Watched it first time on VCD and have watched it multiple times. Was 5-6 I guess and loved it. We were also shown the film in school on Movie Day in computer lab along with Tarzan, Spider-man 2, Stuart Little.

The baby making the life hell of three thiefs. It used to be laugh riot. Not only me whole family loved it. I don't have much memory of it except a scene in which baby is on crane & thieves try to get him back, he somehow able to leave them behind.

The surprise isn't that it worked in India, the surprise is why it didn't work else where. I thought the film was huge hit until 4-5 years ago you made a post of it being not.

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very entertaining...................

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it was one of the most commonly watched movies in my household, I don't really remember the first time I saw it.

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