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Well, it's been a week of nostalgic revisits for me.


1. Shrek (7/10): A really fun spoof of Disney fairy tale stories that becomes a touching movie itself by the end. I like Shrek for the inventiveness, the voices and the humour. This is a movie that nicely blends comedy with fairy tale tropes and has just enough emotions to keep you invested. Have seen this many times. Expect to see it several times again in the future.

2. Harry Potter 1 (6.5/10): It expertly introduces us to the world of Hogwarts, and makes us understand the characters. But having grown up, I am now seeing flaws that I did not when I was a kid. Like the useless adults, the fact that Hogwarts seems to be 100 years behind the time it's actually in, the crazy safety issues, etc. I know that it's supposed to be a kids movie, but I cannnot help myself from pointing these things out. These problems persist in the other HP movies I saw this week. 

3. Harry Potter 2 (6/10): Expands the lore quite well while making Voldemort an even more serious threat. But the fact that the main killer in the movie is what it is and able to get around so easily cannot be explained away with just one line (it's using pipes). That, plus the long length, makes it a weaker movie than the last one.

4. Harry Potter 3 (6.25/10): Starts off a bit weirdly. I hated the bus ride scene and how slimy this movie felt, but it also undoubtedly changes the tone of the movies and send them on a path to more complex stories. The movie which made me stop watching HP movies as a kid has now made me excited for the next ones.

5. 1917 (6.5/10): I saw this a few weeks ago but forgot to write about it. This visuals and camerawork is the best part, while the characters and the emotions aren't that compelling. Maybe seeing it in the cinemas would have lead to a better experience, but even on a laptop t looked good. I just wish the script matched the technical ambition.


1. Run s01e03 (7/10): It's getting more interesting now. While the characters aren't particularly likeable, the mystery in the story and the increasingly complicated relationship between the main couple is getting intriguing. I hope the last 4 episodes deliver on the potential.

2. The Flash: It took me back to a time when the superhero genre hadn't grown so much. This series is part soap opera, part superhero show, but it blends them well together. With impressive effects for it's budget, good acting, a gripping central mystery and characters you can care for, this series is still fun to watch. It had so much potential but really crapped itself from season 2 onwards. Still, the 1st season is an impressive achievement and I might just revisit Arrow s1 and s2 after a while because of this. Also, the theme music of The Flash is amazing. Will give a proper rating once the season is finished.


3. 30 Rock (7.5/10): Finishing this series felt like the end of an era. I am now out of well-known, successful sitcoms to binge. Sure there are some other ones but they aren't at this level, and I am not going to watch sitcoms form the 80's or 90's. This series was funny throughout and focused more on jokes than character development, which is why most characters did not grow at all through the series, but it still managed to give you a good time and I breezed past the final season. I will rank it below The Office and Parks and Rec. The reason being that while this show never went as low as their lows (this first few season of Parks and Rec and s1, s8 and s9 of The Office are bad), it also never reached their highs, and never made you feel attatched to the characters. Nevertheless, the all feel like a family and I'm glad watched this show.

Disclaimer: The idea of this post belongs to the user Ankit 007. I am just making this post because he's been inactive for a while. I will try to make a post like this every Saturday.

Content of the Week: 30 Rock.

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The movie which made me stop watching HP movies as a kid has now made me excited for the next ones.

Same here but it didn't stopped. When I looked up the boxoffice of the films, POA being lowest made perfect sense as well, so guess we weren't alone. BTW did you actually not watched future films?


No I did watch but not immediately. The fandom was gone. I tried watching GoF when it released but it was even darker, that is when I really stopped watching the movies as they released.

Then a few years later I caught up to all of them. In 2011 I read all the books before finally seeing Deathly Hallows 2. That is when the fandom returned. A rewatch of HBP in 2013 made me love it.

Now after all this time I'm finally watching all the movies back to back. I'm also planning to read all the books again after I'm done with the movies.


Thinking to read books as well. Will be first time for me.

Anyways, you own the books or PDF?


My brother has the books. He's the real HP fanatic. He's that generation which read the first HP book as it came out and grew up with the books and the movies. Went to the first show of DH2 in UK as well. Any questions I have regarding the series I ask him and he always knows the answer.

I've asked him to bring the books the next time he visits. That may be a while from now but I will read them whenever possible.

If you want to read PDF version then you can easily find it on google, but I don't enjoy reading books on a screen. Nothing beats the actual feel of a book.

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Paigham(7/10) * ing Dilip Kumar,Raj Kumar,Vijyanthimala,Motilal

Dilip Kumar and all actors gave great performances but the movie did not give me the feel of other DK movies.

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Even I found it boring in parts. Was just about decent.


Yes.I could not believe myself.

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Perfect case of movie which is bad but still entertaining enough.
Credit must be given to Tom Hardy, he immersed completely in the ridiculousness of the movie.
Whether it was apartment right scene where he was beating goons brutally at the same time as saying sorry to them, to that restaurant scene. And the interactions between Venom and Eddie were Gold..!!

Black Panther

Decent watch, but oscar nomination??
Killmonger's motivations were clear, but his plan??
Black Panther was better in Civil War than his own movie.
And so was his suit.

Justice League

You know i said how Venom was a not so good movies saved by its performance of the lead cast and chemistry between two lead characters.
That's not the case with this one, acting seemed like actors wanted to get out of set asap, scenes are laughable, villain in like lol.

A group of superheroes band together to save the world from a horned alien villain who wants to use some cube like artifact to bring destruction upon earth.......... Except we have bigger horns and 3 cubes, so we should be good.

Also you can't save the world alone.......... Unless you are Superman, in that case, alone is enough.

Alao did i mentioned how Batman was in JL to just literally get embarrassed every scene. Hillarious.

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Love aaj kal (2020): 1/5. Except for Randeep Hooda,this trash is unbearable.

Angrezi medium : 3/5. Irrfan"s last movie is worth a watch
The body: 2/5

The fall: 3.5/5
Money heist: 4/5
Dark: 4.5/5

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  1. Love Aaj Kal: I never thought I will say that, but well done Karthik (don't like the actor otherwise, he is annoying). Imtiaz Ali does what he does best. Randeep owns the film. Throughout the film was imagining SRK playing Raj. I wish he had done the role. Would have said best of Imtiaz but I need to rewatch his stuff. 7/10.
  2. Happy Death Day: Groundhog Day but with a girl who gets murdered. Enjoyed it. 7/10.
  3. Happy Death Day 2 U: The biggest negative of this film was it gave a science mumbo jumbo to the events of the first film, which feels out of place. Still enjoyable. A lenient 5/10.
  4. The Lunchbox: Wanted to watch it for long time but never got the motivation, this week gave it. The best thing about film is performances which sells the story, however, we are introduced to Ila as a woman trying to impress her husband but the tifin gets mis-delivered and she is expressly disappointed. What the character would do, the next day itself she will be righting that mistake not send some note or something. A lenient 7/10.
  5. Bad Education: Good. 6/10.
  6. Thappad: The film isn't story of just Tapsee's character, it tries to be story of different women in different classes of society and tells their story well. It isn't about slap, it is about how women are expected for certain behaviour. Must watch. 8/10.

Movie of The Week: Thappad

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The Burning Train 10/10 , True bollywood classic AHEAD OF ITS TIME
Peeping Tom 7.5/10 First Slasher movie ever
A nightmare on elm street 7.5/10
The Wailing 7.5

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  1. Extraction [2020] = 5/10 [Ordinary. But non-stop action makes this a time pass flick. Good to see Randeep Hooda get a substantial role wrt screen time opposite Chris Hemsworth. Needed a better screenplay to sustain the cringeworthy stereotyping.]
  2. Varane Avashyamund [2020 - Malayalam] = NR [Re-Watch. This time with parents. Though they found it little difficult to follow the dialogues, they definitely liked the film.]
  3. The Dark Knight Rises [2012] = NR [Have already rated it. Obviously I rank this one lower. Just wanted to complete the trilogy.]
  4. Kannadakkagi Ondannu Otti [2018 - Kannada] = 5/10 [Love story genre. Takes itself way too seriously. The title has no relevance to the story, Kannadakkagi Ondannu Otti meaning Press 1 for Kannada. I did like the final twist but the director just failed to capitalise on it & refused to take a bold stand.]
  5. Bheeshma [2020 - Telugu] = 5/10 [Lenient rating. Obviously not a film to look for any logic. A company owner getting attacked by goons & hero saving him is being the criteria for selecting the hero as the CEO of the company even though hero being a degree fail guy. The lenient rating is only for the comedy. If only this had hit songs then I would have enjoyed it better as well as rated it better.]
  6. Malliswari [2004 - Telugu] = NR [Have rated it before. Katrina Kaif's debut film in Telugu. It is still fun to read the credits say "Tholi Parichayam" which basically means "Introducing" written before Katrina Kaif. Anyways the comedy still works. A flawed little film that has passed the test of time. 16 years later too I laughed at the jokes. Ofcourse Trivikram's writing & Venkatesh's performance take all the credit.
    First Time Watches = Extraction, Kannadakkagi Ondannu Otti & Bheeshma.

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1) Jallikattu: couldn't finish the movie. Actually I think I didn't understand the whole drama created due to one bull in the village.
2) Aamis: A very different film from the ones I watch so I liked it. Though halfway through it the ending became quite obvious to me. But still I would recommend others to see it.(6/10)

3)Pan's Labyrinth: I had high expectations due to the reviews but it was very very boring. The climax was also disappointing. ( 5/10)

4)shrek-4: I don't know why many people hate it. A lot better than the third part. It's the perfect end of the trilogy.( don't want to include shrek 3 as part of it.) 7/10)

5) A death in the gunj: Mostly these kind of films are overrated and boring and this one is no different. (4/10).

6) TZP: It always brings tears to my eyes when ishan wins the art competition. One of the best films in Bollywood. (9/10)

7) Good Newwz: Hilarious movie. Best of akshay in last 3 years. Dilijit was just fabulous. The emotional part was not needed I think but overall a very good watch. Also a relief to watch akshay doing a good comedy movie after such a long time.
8)Ahalaya: it's a Bengali short film with radhika apte and Soumitra chaterjee. A must watch for everyone. Really liked the concept. Also as I don't have much idea about Mahabharat so I enjoyed it much more.

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Akshay did housefull 4 just before good newzz unless you don't count HF4 as comedy


Yes but I said a good comedy movie..and I don't like the houseful series at all..

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